Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just a bit of "Randomness"

Today's post will be a little bit of "nothing." Thought I would warn you beforehand! ;-)
Gas prices in our area are LOW!! $2.00/gal low! Filled up my van for $25! :O Can't remember the last time I did that! Used to cost $50!
Cool front is going to be coming thru and with it, RAIN! We could actually use some rain. I also want some cool weather.
Well, I am taking this "Stories In Hand" class over at Jessica Sprague's site and it is sooooo cool! We just finished or should I say, I just finished, printing, cutting and putting together the album. I decided NOT to purchase a binder and just make one using chipboard and my "Bind It All" system. Only problem with that is, I only have 1/2 inch binder and I need at least 1 inch if not 1 1/2 inches!! So, right now it is together with 3 Rings. I so want to start with the "Prompting Questions" she has! I remembered things I thought I forgot! What a great system she came up with! I'll share a little when we get more into it! But for now, you can see how much I've gotten done.

You can go over to her site and read the message boards and such. Class registration is over and from what I see and hear, FULL!

I can't believe it is only Wednesday. It feels like it should be Thursday. Guess cause Monday was a "lost day" because I was just plain exhausted!! I have my first playoff game Thursday night in that particular league I play in. Not sure who we play yet, but I hope we win and play again next week! I have one more game on Friday night. We'll see if "that woman" is there then. ;-)

Here is a couple of pictures of the moon from last night. It was full and not quite too dark to where I get a "ring" around the moon. What do you think?

Well, I'm hungry. "chikens are down for a nap. and that is all I've got right now. have a good day and I'll blog ya later...............


lmerie said...

Your SIH booklet looks great. I did not have a notebook like they suggested and did not find anything at Michaels, so I decided not to get caught up with all the details on the book. I have printed and put it together with brads for now. I will get some rings like you have later, so it will last.

kelliebean said...

Great sih book! I haven't gotten past downloading and printing yet - been crazy around here! I love what I saw in the gallery this morning, too - lots of people are doing their own thing, you know?

Livia aka NenaNYC said...

Hi! Love the colors of your blog. very fall and pretty. Just wanted you to know that I try to read you at least once a week. Nice blog!

ScRaPbOoKfReNzY said...

Your Stories in Hand album looks great! TFS! I've printed mine, but need to get it put together and start journaling! Awesome!