Friday, November 21, 2008

"I found it. I found it!"

I fou, fou, fou, found it!!!!Electric SlideDancing
I found my son's Ipod. Let me give you the "back story" on it. Over a month ago, it was sitting on a table. I went and put it in his room, on his dresser. He went to get it and couldn't find it. We checked everywhere! He says, "Mom, you're good at finding things, look for it." I told him, I KNOW where I put it, it's not my fault YOU lost it. Well, this morning, I went into their bathroom, a task I DESPISE!! and went into the cabinet when LO & BEHOLD an IPOD!! I was estatic. Dancing around singing: "I found it. I found it. I fou fou fou fou found it!" My hubby knew, I then lost my mind! He asked me NOT to give it to him until he got home, for he wants to see his face! I told him that words, something to the effect of "I hate you. you find everything" will come from his mouth. I found his PSP a while back. It was EXACTLY where I told him it was. I need to video his response. I really do. It will be "PRICELESS" I'm sure.
AND, guess what else? I have a "visitor" today and for Monday and Tuesday.

LEXIE!! I mean, how could you NOT enjoy this precious child. She gave me the BIGGEST, TIGHTEST HUG!!!! She was so happy to see me. You see, she is in school now. She even sang "America the Beautiful" for me. Cute story. When the verse "God shed his grace on me" comes around, she was CONVINCED it wasn't shed and that her teacher said so. It was another "Sh" word and NOT a nice one and she knew it, but the teacher said it! LOL When it was explained and she started using the CORRECT word, she was saying, after singing that verse, "That's right, huh mom?" Too cute. Kids. Gotta love 'em! Especially this one. I mean, just look at that face!

It's gonna be a good day. I still need to go to the grocery and shop for Thanksgiving, but, I'll do it. I work best under pressure!!
Lost last night's volleyball game, so we're out. Oh well. That just means next time, we have to pay for the league and NOT use our winnings. The last 2 times we won, we didn't have to pay, so I guess it's not too bad.
Met with the "new parents" last evening. It went well. She'll get back to me with a "yes." She's desperate to have someone and I am SO CLOSE to the school. Really.
Tonight is our 1st playoff game. I'm not worried. We should take this easily enough. Especially since 3 of us playing played last night and lost! We definitely can take the team we're playing. I hope. I'll let you know the outcome.
Well, I have 4 "chikens" today. Gonna be a BUSY day!! Kinda looking forward to it. Have a good one and I'll Blog ya later..............


jandbsmom said...

Totally understand the 'I Found It'. Like that in my house all the time. Especially with 2 boys & a hubby. What a cutie she is. Love that little face. Sorry about last nights loss. Good luck tonight. And enjoy your chickens today. ;-)

joscelyne cutchens said...

Hey lady! we went through the lost and found Nintendo DS a few weeks ago. I was really sweating it, but of course, i was the one who found it. :)

kelliebean said...

Moms rock. Don't we?! ;)