Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day & THANK YOU!!

I want to personally thank all the Veterans out there for their service to our wonderful, great, fantastic country! Land Of The FreeHome Of The BraveUSA USA USAProud

Well, I am feeling rested today. Thank goodness. I have quite a lot to do today. I so need to clean up. House. Laundry. Kitchen. Scrap Mess!! I need to get into "Holiday Mode" and fast! We are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner again this year and I just absolutely love it! I love the camaraderie of everything. There is no pretense. Just family and friends getting together, chowing down! LOL
I need to send out the invites. Yours is in the mail! Come on over! I'll have plenty!
This is going to be a short post today. I really need to get off my "bum" and get busy. I printed out the beginnings of Jessica's "Stories In Hand" class. Now I need to get my album together.Shocked
Blog you guys later.........


kelliebean said...

I LOVE Thanksgiving, too! You are so right about it all - all of the prep, all of the work, it's all worth it. I'll be waiting for my invite... ;)

lmerie said...

I signed up for the stories in hand too. I think I might have bit off more than I can chew though :(

Have a good day!

Miss Dana said...

I LOVE Thanksgiving as well. But Christmas is when most of my family comes to my house. It's crazy, we have family in every room. But it's great!!!! Are you doing all the cooking for that day?? Or are some family memebers going to each bring a dish? I do some cooking, and some people bring some dishes. It works out great!! Anyway, glad you are rested! Have a great day!

Amy Jo said...

Wow V,

I take a few days off from blogging and WHEW! you've had a full couple of days, haven't ya? You are a good neighbor, hon. Hope the little guy is feeling better. Congrats on your three wins...you rock girlie! And such beauuuutiful layouts. Although you did cause me to look at some old pictures from high school....*pout* I was so thin!!! LOL!

Have a great day hon.

Amy Jo