Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday! Friday! Friday! *Revision*{tried to make pics smaller, didn't work :( }

Well, with everything that has been going on in our Country, I haven't been able to do and Scrapping!! And that is just not, well, it doesn't make me happy!! I have some projects I want to get done, but lately, haven't felt "up to it." I've been in a "funk." My "Mojo" has gone. 8*)
I've posted a couple of pictures, okay 5, that I've been able to get done. You may or may not have seen 1 or 2 before. I apologize if they are "Repeats." Told you, I've been in a "Creative Funk!" The first one is a notebook I made yesterday for my daughter. I recycled an old notebook, by tearing out the paper that was left. The 2nd one is from Christmas last year. It is me, my sister, my niece and that "crazy kook" in the back, my son {I say proudly}. The 3rd one is my husband and his group that participated in a Golf Tournament. The 4th one are cards that I made. From a kit. So don't go thinking, "This girl's got talent!" cause that isn't the case! LOL
And the last one is from, umm, 20 something years ago! It is me. Yes Smarty Pants. I'm in COSTUME!!! It was a party we held at my father's house and that "Gorilla" is a friend of his! We had quite a few people dress up! It was a lot of fun!

You can't see it in the picture, but in the lower right hand corner, is the date. It was 1987!! To be that th--, er, I mean Young again! LOL ***{I tried to make the pictures smaller and re-posted, but now they are in Reverse order!! AND they aren't smaller! sorry}
I happened across some pictures from High School that are in black and white {no! not that old!} because they were for our yearbook. They are pictures of me that the "Publisher" gave to me when clearing out some old files. I want to put them on a layout. Need to find the "right" style for it. I'll post when I get it done.

Well, today is Friday. Last night I had a volleyball game. When I arrived, I happened to ask about standings. Wanted to know if we were in the "Top 6" for playoffs. Well, we were placed 6 out of 9 and we needed to win at least 1 of our games to stay. Well we won all 3! So we play next week. We could actually take it again! Pulled it out last league. It IS possible.
Tonight we have another game. This one should be interesting. It is the league where we were forced 3 forfeited games 2 weeks ago! Schedule "problem." yeah right. All I am going to say, the other team we play against tonight, better be on their toes! We WILL be showing NO MERCY!! I found out last night, from a fellow player, that a couple of weeks back, we had beat a team. Beat them good. In fact, they were looonnng games! Well she overheard them talking outside. They were "quite upset" in the fact that they got beat! A comment was said to the effect of: "I can't believe we lost! We have won the last 3 leagues and in comes a team that beats us out of the top spot!" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! I am NOT stupid! I got people who can PLAY!! and play most EVERY night. We are a VERY competitive group!!! We are out there to SHOW them HOW to play and play RIGHT!! ROTFLMAO!!!!! Yeah, can't wait until tonight....
Well, it is a rainy day. Front passing through. Supposed to be a little cooler. Dryer. I'm gonna try and pick up a bit today so I can have the weekend to do some scrapping. Ya'll have a good weekend. I'll keep you posted about tonight's volleyball game! ;-) Blog ya later........


Jaimie Lea said...

WOW! Woman you change you blog more than I change my clothes! just kidding! love the new look and I got that same card kit.
Happy Friday and good luck tonight!

Brock Family said...

Congrats on making the playoffs. I loved seeing your pictures of your work! It's awesome! I have just recently gotten a little scrapping you can tell by the pictures that I scrapped...I'm pretty behind!!! Haven't done one layout of poor Jesse yet! I hope you have a good weekend...enjoy the cooler weather!