Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Waitin'" Wednesday....... {UPDATED}

OMG!! Well, part came in at 11:30 a.m. Here it is:

Can you imagine the commotion it is gonna take to put this in? Glad I hired a "professional!" But, the "professional" is busy and knocks off at 4:30. SO? What's that got to do with the fact that I am on DAY 3 PEOPLE, with NO HOT WATER!!!!! I don't care if you didn't know when I'd get the part! That's not my problem. The woman wrote up a service ticket. If you were SMART, you would have put me on the "afternoon" list! Come on. It's not "rocket science." Well, okay, maybe just a minute portion! I just want hot water to come out of the faucets and NOT off my stove!! Is that really too much to ask? It's bad enough I had to pay $30 to "overnight" it. Let's get serious here.
On a positive note, guess what I did? Go on. Guess. Nope. Maybe. Oh, all right. I made a card for my hubby's birthday!! SERIOUSLY!! I did! Look:

I did it. It is simple, but, hey, he's a simple guy. The fact that I ACTUALLY made it, will impress him! All the paper products came from a kit I bought that had 7 pages in it, including the brown stripe, vellum! It only cost me $3! Really. The company is called Kaiser and it's their "Cosmic" collection. It came from my LSS. I bought a couple of different kinds while there. I mean, for $3, you can't beat it!

Well, guess I go back to "Waiting". Waiting on the plumber to get here!
Original Post:

.... yup. that's what i'm doing, waitin'. patiently. for however long it takes for the DHL person to drop off the part i need for my hot water heater. then, i'll wait some more for the plumber to get here and install it. yup. just waitin'. patiently.

in the meantime, last night, i pulled out the pictures i printed of my son's swim season this summer. i want to create a book with my BIA i bought in the summer!! i also would like to start making a birthday card for my hubby, who's birthday is monday!!!! i'm going to give it an honest try! honestly. say a prayer for me. say a few!! i will post the finish product when done. okay. i said it. i committed to making it. so now, i have to!! dangit. me and my big mouth! i need to be committed! LOL really. i could use the break. helllloooooo. men in white jackets! could you please come? and bring the jacket with the arms in the back!! LOL
okay. nothing more at this time. i am going back to waitin'. patiently. tap tap tap tap tap i'll let ya know the final outcome and how long i had to wait. patiently. ;-) blog ya later...........


kelliebean said...

So I'm impressed that you did all of that water-heater-fixin a couple of days ago. I'd have probably blown up the house if I tried to do anything like that! :) Keep waitin' - it's a good excuse to do nothing but play with your BIA (lucky duck). But, if it gets bad enough, I think I've got a spare jacket...and lots of chocolate!

Chrispea said...

I hate waitin'!! Good luck on your DH's project... better hurry! ;)