Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Thirsty" Thursday!! Well....

... not so much right now. I gotta tell ya, I had some GREAT Mojitos at Applebee's Restaurant in Gulf Shores on Saturday! They were Strawberry Mojitos {pronounced: mo-hee-toes} Well, after that, I was on a Mission! I found a recipe, that I tweaked of course, on the Barcardi site! My ingredients consisted of: Coconut Rum, Strawberry flavored soda water, mint, lime and strawberries. I mashed {muddled} couple of strawberries, lime and mint leaves in a bar mixer, with a strainer. To that I added some rum, to my taste of course! Ice and some soda. I shook it all up and strained it into a tall glass, over some ice. I didn't want all those "bits" in my glass! Well, let me just say, OMGoodness! I had 2 last night!!!! Watched "Private Practice" and "Lipstick Jungle!" I got up this morning with no problem!! My husband enjoyed tasting it as well. He asked if that was going to be "drink of choice" Saturday night? Hmmm, is LSU playing? Just might be. After a day doing yard work, can't imagine anything else as refreshing as that "Mojito!" I'm just saying.

Well, let me "VENT" a bit. Last night was "Happy Hour" over on the Creating Keepsakes site. Earlier in the day, I was over there, checking for mail and to see what everyone was doing. Well, again about 7 p.m. or so, I'm "checking in" and I notice that it was no longer a "Beta Testing Site!" GREAT, they finally got it all straight! NOT!! I was showing that I was "logged in", but all I could do was READ the posts and create messages, I could not POST! Kept getting a message that stated I had to be "logged in" to do that!! Aaaaaaaargh! I emailed Erin and the "Beta" site. Leslie was kind enough to respond that they were aware of problems and were working to correct!! I'm hoping there wasn't a "Happy Hour" last night, for really, no one could participate! I wasn't missing anything, for if I was to win anything, I wouldn't receive the prize! I am still waiting for my book from Erin that I won at the beginning of June! I haven't tried the site this morning. Guess I don't want to be disappointed early!
Well, tonight I have a volleyball game. I received a phone call last night saying we were playing at another gym. YEAH!!! Apparently, there were LOTS of complaints about the gym we were playing in. We had 2 nets, side by side {not a problem}. Problem was, it was too narrow and we didn't have enough room to serve and people would walk in front of us during a game!!! I think I would rather not have air conditioning and play on a larger court! Our next 2 games will be there, then we'll move to another gym. I haven't played at the other one, so, we'll see.
That's about all that is going on with me right now. Kinda boring, I know. Hey, life of a mother and caretaker, not as "glamorous" as you think!!! Of course, I try and look glamorous while doing it! Baaahaaaaaaaa! {while hiding behind my ratty t-shirt and shorts}


Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I will definitely try the cayenne pepper next time! Thank you for the tip! What a cute blog you have!

kelliebean said...

mmmmmmmo-hee-toes...just might convince me to set aside my perfect margarita - for a minute. :)

Dang! I'm a day behind - thought HH was tonight. Owell, couldn't have participated anyways! Did they get stuff fixed?