Friday, October 3, 2008

tGif!! and I mean it!

I so need to clean my house starting when the "chikens" go down for a nap and hopefully finishing before Saturday morning! I will scrap, I will scrap, I WILL SCRAP!! If I say it enough, maybe, just maybe, it'll get done! I want to get these pictures that are scattered about, on pages and placed into an album! I haven't felt scissors and paper and adhesive in my hands in a very, very long time!! Speaking of scissors, can't find my good ones. my expensive ones. They could be in one of two places and they aren't in either!!! "Lucy! you gots some 'splainin to do!"
Had a game last night. We won the 2nd one but lost the first and third. Thankfully by only a few points! And THAT matters! Reason: at the end of the season there happens to be a tie for first place, they look at the points! Okay, won't go into details. They were all good games. very intense!
Hubby is working the football game tonight while I am at another volleyball game. I missed last week's because, because Oh YEAH, I was at the BEACH!!!! We won by forfeit anyway! ;-) Other team didn't have any men. We'll see how we do tonight. Michelle is out again. She didn't play last night. Some tournament she's playing in. yeah right. she's probably at the beach! ha ha ha ha
Supposed to be another nice day, weather wise. It's been feeling a little like "fall." I'll have the "chikens" outside again today. We were outside twice yesterday, before and after nap. One left here screaming!! Too funny. I'll post pictures of them outside playing, later. Have a good morning. Blog ya later..............

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Anonymous said...

Y'know, when my good scissors are missing, I can usually find them in the garage, all gunked-up with some kind of garage/model airplane stuff. Then I go out and buy me some even better ones. ;)

Happy Weekend!!!