Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Terrible Tuesday!!!

I am NOT a happy camper this morning. Look what I had to do:

Had to boil water in order to wash this and another pan because

THIS is NOT working!!! Ughhhhh! Seriously. Sunday night it started. I noticed the pilot light was not on. It has an "electronic" start, no matches needed. Well, being the capable woman I am, I tried numerous times, but could not get it to light. Called my wonderful next door neighbor. He came over. He got it lit. Now, it did take him a couple of tries as well!! So, it wasn't me! I know what you are thinking! Anyway, yesterday, all was good. Hubby called me, while I was out in the evening running errands, saying the pilot light went out again and our neighbor came back over! Well, this time, it would stay lit for 5 minutes and go out again. Sounds like the "thermal couple" needs to be replaced. Backstory on this water heater: February of 2006, had to get a new one for the old one had the "thermal couple" replaced twice. It was 10 yrs old! It had gone out weeks before our trip to Disney!! This was right after "Katrina." It cost us $700 for a hot water heater and installation!!! Now, we have to get parts for it? They no longer sell thermal couples for it, only a "converter kit" that, I have to get directly from the manufacturer!! Are you serious? More days without hot water? So, I am paying $30 for them to ship it overnight!! Then the plumber will come out and replace for me! I will argue about this charge!!! Actually, there shouldn't be a charge, it is still under warranty! I'll keep you posted.
I went to Big Lots yesterday. They had the cutest "fall" stuff! I picked up a few items. Look. I decorated my mantle.

It is simply done. I usually have it decorated fully for Christmas. I do have some things outside. I'll take pictures this weekend when it is complete.

Well, our Saints lost last night to the Vikings. :( I didn't watch, but apparently, it happened at the end. Our reputation for "Monday Night Football" is not good. Glad to see we still held it! LOL
That is about all that is going on right now. Going to go and sweep bathroom floor and clean it up. Didn't get a chance yesterday. Have a good day. Blog ya later..........

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