Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Terrible Tuesday times 2 !

I am soooooooo frustrated now. 6 mos ago, I bought an external hard drive. It is a very LARGE capacity one, 500 gb, that I got at a GREAT price!! Even had great reviews. Okay, no problem with the company or even the drive, EXCEPT now it isn't working! Computer won't recognize the connection. I've emailed the company. I am hearing a short, buzzing sound, when I place it up to my ear. Oh, I forgot to mention, it fell on the floor. Yup, from the sofa. It landed flat, but still! I'm hoping I just "jarred" something loose and it can be fixed. I hope so, cause, I have everything on it!!!! Idiot, idiot, idiot!! Can't believe I did that. Me. A responsible person. Normally. I would next say, "Can it get any worse?" but, hey, this is me we're talking about. It will. It always does!! LOL
Say some prayers for me. Well, maybe for my hard drive!! I don't think prayers will help me! Just add this to the list of things I need to tell you the outcome for!!!!

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Amy Jo said...

OUCH! Good luck with your hard drive, hope all is well with it. I stumbled onto your blog and I was THRILLED that someone else is documenting daily life! I just started today and hope to post some pics later on...after girl scouts! LOL! Keep it up! Nice to meet you, BTW...I'm Amy or Earl.