Sunday, October 26, 2008

Super Sunday.

What a weekend! Friday was my anniversary. No. Stop. I woke up and started my day by breaking a mirror. wonderful.great.just freakin' fantastic. That moment seemed to have set the tone for the entire day. I did wind up with 3 "chikens." No problem. It still was pretty dreary, but not raining. yay. I took them to the playground to run around and play. The slides were still a little damp from the rain the day before and there hadn't been any sun to dry them. But that really didn't matter. They had fun. I had fun. Played, "tag you're it" with them. Hey, they're 2. It worked. I tired them out!! Goal accomplished. Came home. changed them and put their pants in the dryer for they were damp. They slept for almost 3 hours!! Wonderful. I did give them lunch. I know what you were thinking!
Okay. They all left. Game was for 8:15. Hubby and I were going to grab a little bite to eat before our game. About 6:45 one of my teammates called me. She received a phone call from the League whatever, saying we were to play at 6:15, where were we! She called me and told me she received the message. I called the "whatever" and told her she was mistaken that on our schedule, it said 8:15. She told me I was wrong. I told her I was on my way with my schedule. I get there, with the schedule I received from HER and was told that the schedule had changed and I received one. Hold up. First of all, I only received the one schedule. Secondly, all the other games prior to the night's game, were all the same time! Third, why would she "assume" she gave me the correct schedule, when in fact, she did not!! She was completely RUDE!! I was LIVID!!! I was told, "I am not arguing with you!" Course not, YOU ARE WRONG LADY!! So now, we have 3 forfeited games on our record!!! I tried to get the games "rescheduled" or even played after the last game of the night, but NO! "It doesn't matter. All teams go to the playoffs. It's double elimination." That's what she told me. It's the principal. I feel sorry for the team we play in 2 weeks. They are going to receive our "wrath!" We are the BEST team out there. All my team members play many times a week, and we are good! Seriously. I'm not dumb. I "stacked" my team and I'm not afraid to say so. The people we play against need to learn how to play. We're gonna teach them! LOL This little "setback" that occurred Friday night, was just that, a setback! My hubby was told by me, before we met with that woman, not to say anything. I was the Captain, I would handle it. By the end of the "confrontation" he ended up driving and holding me down. Good thing he is a cop, cause, I don't know what I would have done. Okay. probably nothing. But I WANTED to!!! Now I'm just angry. Now my brother in law can't play because he is leaving the country next week. He is in the military and won't be back until Thanksgiving!! He so wanted to play this last game. I will discuss the "Playoffs" with that woman. I do not want my brother in law to miss them. If we can play right after Thanksgiving, that would be perfect. We'll see about that.
Okay. Done with that. Moving on. Saturday night, my daughter and her friend wanted to go to the movies. No problem. They wanted to see "Saw 5." No problem. Bought the tickets on line, picked them up that afternoon. Brought them to the movies about 6:30. Movie started at 6:45. Waited for them to go in. Noticed that daughter walked back outside??!! Hmmm. called her cell. asked her why she was outside. movie started in 15 mins. Finally went in. I drove around entrance again to make sure. It's a "Mom thing." Good thing to. I noticed her at the door. Apparently there was a problem. Their ticket was taken at the front door, but when they got to the actual theater it was playing in, lady there asked for their I.D.! They couldn't watch the movie without a parent or a guardian present! Hubby went inside to check it out. I thought it best. Considering what happened Friday night! I probably wouldn't have been nice. Anyway, there is a policy that the theater has. The movie was rated "R", but because they weren't 17, they had to have a parent or guardian. No problem. Manager changed their tickets for another movie. That one started at 7:35. Cool. Friend's dad was picking them up from the movie and bringing them home. My daughter gets home and guess what she tells me?? Her and her friend snuck out of the movie they were in and snuck into "Saw 5!" OMG! Where did I go wrong? Did I take one too many pictures? I mean, after 2 weeks ago with her "breaking and entering" into a vacant house, in which we have the key!! just where. did. I. go. wrong? I told her to never do that again!! Gotta give it to her. She has "gumption." LOL Can't imagine where it comes from? At least she told me. She could have not. Something must have gone right somewhere!
Today, I did 2 layouts!! That was after I ran a couple of errands. I think I have everything I need for Erin's "Creative Adventures II" and for Jessica's "Stories In Hand" class. Here are the layouts:

The one on the left, is a tournament my husband played in for a fellow deputy who has medical expenses from her cancer treatments. It was a success. The right one, was one I started last week, but couldn't come up with a title. So, I kept it simple.
I am done with the pictures I found on my cleaning spree last week. Yay. Now may I can work on the "Family Reunion" project.

Okay. Think I'm done with this post. You should be caught up on my "nonsense." Have to make a list of things I need to get done over the next few weeks before I have a houseful of guests for Thanksgiving!! :o blog ya later...................................

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