Friday, October 17, 2008


Good morning all. I apologize for not posting the last couple of days.
Yesterday was my grandmother's funeral. It was an emotional day to say the least.
I got to see my cousins, who live in Texas, again. Second time this year! Would have been nicer under better circumstances. I did get to meet 2 new babies! One of my cousins, who lives about an hour away, had the baby in February and didn't bring her to the reunion, for she was too young and tiny! She is 8 months old now and she is still tiny! She is beautiful! My older cousin, had a baby in August with his new wife. She is beautiful also! Hard to believe to be starting over at 44 with a newborn! He has 2 grandchildren!!! Better him than me!! I saw my Godfather, whom I haven't seen in 9 years, at my mother's funeral! He is my mom's 1st cousin! I also got to see other relatives I haven't seen in quite some time! Like I said, it was an emotional day.
My older cousin, who is the 1st grandchild born, read. My younger and youngest cousin, who happens to be the last grandchild born, also read. She almost didn't make it through! We kinda laughed it off. I read the "Response" and the prayer after the Gospel and Homily, so I had to go up, twice! My hubby told my niece, that's my wife, your Nanny. She's strong. Army strong! OMG! I really don't know how I am able to stand up in front of people, in that setting, and "perform." I mean, I'm not shy at all, and I do get a little nervous when I have to do something in front of a crowd, who doesn't? But to READ!!! I have angels by my side that's all I have to say. After the service, we had to go down the road for the burial. That ride/drive was way too long! The procession seemed to have taken longer than the service! I was starving. We left our house at 7 a.m. I didn't even have any coffee!! Not even a piece of chocolate to get me going! By the time we returned to my Aunt's house, it was 3 p.m.!!! Food was brought and laid out there. After we, my hubby and I, left the cemetary, we drove to my "old" house. Now, I lived there a very long time ago. For 4 years. Went to high school there, graduating from the same high school my mother and her sisters did! That was a total coincidence!! Anyway, let me set the scene: Hurricane Katrina. That's it. Storm surge of over 30 feet! Here is a picture of where my home used to be!

Now there are only a few house trailers on the street. That tree was in my back yard! A golf course was also in my backyard. Very disheartening. Next, we went by the high school. Here is a picture of the football field. Still pretty much the same. Only the name of the school has changed!

Colors have changed. That "press box" used to never be there! We were Purple and Gold, the Bronchos! Now, not sure what mascot is, but name is something like, "South Plaquemines...." Things have definitely changed. They now have class in portable buildings and there is some sort of "dome like" white canvas, blow up, balloon looking building they use as a gym! Weird.
Here is a picture of our Civic Center. It was used for our Proms and other small events. Wedding receptions used to be held here. Now it is a "shell" of a building.

See the blue arrow? That is exposed wiring and a/c ducts! This building was under water! Seriously. Let me show you a picture of the front of the school, where our gym was.

See that green arrow? That is on top of the bleachers in the gym. That is also how high the water got! I actually have a picture somewhere on my desktop someone sent to me, who was in there and had to be rescued!! We had all of our pep rallies, graduations, basketball and volleyball games in there! All without air conditioning! For Graduations, a/c was pumped into the gym!! To the right, were the offices as well as classrooms! All of it is gone now. Here is another picture of a building that held classrooms upstairs and a locker room and workout facility for all the ball players!

Everything is fenced. There are signs posted: "No Trespassing." It really is sad to see.

Now, let me show you where my grandmother and Aunt used to live before they moved up the river in 1995.

Where the blue arrow is? That is where the house stood. There is only a slab. That tree was in her front yard. There are also no houses on the street with the exception of my great aunt Maggie's! The people who own it are renovating it!
Since the last hurricanes, the grass is all burnt looking from the water that flooded it. My sister had to "caravan" on the levee to get to her house!! I tell ya, if I had to go thru all of that twice, you can bet your ass, I'd have already moved! Going down there feels like you are in an old western town and expecting to see tumble weeds rolling down the road! It is very desolate. Depressing.
Still, it was nice seeing my family again. My Aunt will more than likely sell her house and move northwest. No reason to stay if they have to keep evacuating from hurricanes! She's done. She's had enough. I don't blame her. Enough time has been spent there.
Okay. On to other things. Homecoming Weekend. joy. I get to "chauffeur" my daughter. joy. nails. hair. pictures. dinner. dance. curfew. curfew. oh yeah, curfew. She is 15 yrs old. So much for ever sleeping again. This is one child who will push it to and over the edge! I'll take her to get her nails done this evening. Tomorrow morning, her hair. Tomorrow late afternoon, friend's house for pictures, then off to dinner, then the dance! Then I'll pick them up from the dance, go back to friend's house for a "pool party." The parents are allowing it. They have a heated pool. My daughter is also staying for a "sleep-over." goody. was supposed to have 6 girls, teen girls in my house!!!! reprieve!!

Gonna try and get some scrapping done this weekend. I want to work on a "Reunion" book. I printed all the pictures. Need to try and find the papers I want to use and the size. Wish me luck.

Look what one of my "chikens" gave me this morning:

Isn't he cute? That was very nice. Well, ya'll have a good weekend. I'll post pictures of my daughter's homecoming escapades later. Be good. Blog ya later......................


jessicamae3 said...

Great blog post...that is some serious hurricane damage!!! wow!

Miss Dana said...

I'm glad ya got to see some of your family members. But am sad to see your loss. I know things will get better! ;-)
Wow!!!!!! Your high school got lots of damage. Geez, I mean, seriously. Are they going to fix it up and re-open it?!
Anyway, have a great time getting your daughter ready for Homecoming. What a joy, right?? LOL! I hope she has a fun time. Ahh, remember those times?
Anyway, have a great weekend!

Liz said...

Sorry about your Grandfather. :(

That is some incredible damage. How sad...


Chrispea said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. {{{hugs}}}