Thursday, October 2, 2008

No More Blogs :(

I am sorry to report, that there will be no more blogging from me today, due to the fact that something has CRASHED on my laptop!

and the Mouse is Missing!! I'll return as soon as it wakes! Bawaaaaaahaaa


lmerie said...

aaahhhhh, that is funny!

kelliebean said...

Oh, BOOOO!!!! lol! You had me going there! :)

Delaney says thank you for the b-day wishes! Yeah, we've called her Laneybug since she was a baby and have done all the ladybug things, too - it's a cute nickname!

Toni said...

Oh-my-shortcomings! Is that really your adorable cat? And if so, how in thee world did he (or she? I can't tell, what with those little legs crossed and all) ;)...did he or she really fall asleep like that? Bahahahaha!