Monday, October 13, 2008

Mournful Monday

I think I've used that title before??? Well, it is needed again. My grandmother passed away last night. I received a phone call from my sister on Friday that she wasn't doing well and wasn't expected to make it through the night. So, after my other sister finished her hair AND my nieces, we drove across the river. It was 9 o'clock at night by the time we got there! I had time to play my volleyball game, for it was a 6:15 game time.
We visited for a little while, talking to my Aunt who informed me she was cursing my Mom and Aunt who passed years ago!! She was saying, "You left me with Momma at least you can do is give her some peace!" We laughed. I kissed my grandmother "good bye" and told her "I love you" and "it's okay, you can go." Thankfully in February, we had the entire family here, so she got to see her grandchildren and great grandchildren! It was a great day! She has now gone "Home" to be one of His Angels, without a doubt! She was a very dear woman, who cared for so many people. She had never raised her voice, always gently, always polite. Such a role model! She will be missed.
Received a phone call this morning from DH's cousin in Ohio. His Aunt passed away also. She was 90 and I was told, it was time! Unfortunately, she didn't know about her Aunt, my mother in law, and I told her it was in June! They were "sisters in law."
Life is funny. You know when you are getting older when you are no longer celebrating "New" life, but celebrating a loved one's Life! yeah, funny.

I've been fighting a head cold this weekend. Saturday I make it to church. I come home to watch a very saddening LSU game! I took some Benadryl and some Mucinex. Well, I should have only taken 1 Benadryl tab instead of 2! Sunday, I woke up @ 9, but went back to bed @ noon. Napped until about 3. I was feeling too droggy. Never again I tell ya!! I worked on a project last night. Could not find the pictures I printed of my son's swim season!! Then I had a horrible thought: What if they are on my hard drive I can't get into? I'm screwed. I went on the desktop and fortunately, I had placed them there as well! Whew! So I printed up some more. I created a little book AND GUESS WHAT? I used my BIA!!! OMG! Can't believe I waited as long as I did! It is a simple book for it is for my son! He may not appreciate it now, but one day!!!

This is just a few of the pages. I used paper from "Miss Elizabeth's" that I got at my local Dollar Tree. Almost has a "bohemian" feel. I bought this one and some greens and a pack of black/grays. For a dollar!!! Couldn't pass it up! I used white coil instead of the silver. I figured it would blend better. I embellished with stickers and quotes I had. Didn't want to "over-do-it" according to my son!! One day, he'll appreciate it. one day.
Well, today is DH's birthday and I have a cake to make and dinner to prepare!! He informed me, he wanted a different cake. NOT A CHEESECAKE!! WHAT?! Are you SERIOUS? I was prepared to make a cheesecake. My kids were expecting a cheesecake. I have the ingredients for a cheesecake! Now, he doesn't want a cheesecake. Look, it's your birthday. you WANT a cheesecake! no. I'd rather another kind of cake. Okay, what kind? Yellow, with condensed milk, coconut, but you can leave out the coconut, cause the kids don't really care for it. Whew, that's good. I don't have coconut! The cake he is inquiring about is called "Better than Sex" cake! Haven't told him that yet! Guess I'd better get started. At least I have dessert out of the way. Dinner. well. that is another situation! Pray for me!! Blog ya later...............


Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I am so sorry about your grandmother. :(

Your scrapbook looks great. And thank you for your prayers- that really means a lot. I will lift you and your family up in prayer right now concerning your loss.

lmerie said...

Glad you were able to visit with your grandmother before her homecoming, but I am sorry about your loss . . .

Miss Dana said...

Awww!!!!!! SO sorry about your loss. But I know she's in a better place now. And about your husband's aunt. :-(
Anyway, great scrapbook! Love it!!! You are TOO good, woman! ;-) Ha ha!
Happy Birthday to your hubby!!! Best wishes to him. Yummy........cake sounds wonderful. Save Dana a peice. LOL just kidding!
Btw, did your daughter's high school win on Friday night? I read the blog you posted on Friday!
Talk to you soon.

jessicamae3 said...

I am sorry to hear about your loss, but it is comforting to know she has gone on to heaven. I am going to try and be more like her, soft spoken and not raising my voice!