Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Little "Lagniappe!" {extra}

Look! Here are some layouts I completed yesterday and today. "Mojo" left. I guess I cleaned him right out of my house! :O WAIT! Come back! I have more to do!

they are both from 3 years ago. I have one more picture to scrap from the pile I found Monday when cleaning! Maybe tomorrow. I'm afraid if I attempt to complete it, it will be more "simple" than the 2 above. Like just a picture "slapped" onto cardstock!! LOL It is a picture of my hubby and daughter before going to a "Father/Daughter" Dance for Girl Scouts about 5 yrs ago!! I really want to "dress" it up. Guess I'm off to find some "inspiration." Later..............

1 comment:

kelliebean said...

2 more??? Wow! You're just rockin' it again! :)

Maybe Mr. Mojo is headin' least I hope he is!