Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Monday. again. where did the weekend go? seriously. i got absolutely nothing done! went to church on Sunday instead of Saturday!?! talk about confused. got a new cell phone Saturday. ran into a good friend of mine and her mom Saturday. her mom had knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago. doing well. love her dearly. she lost her husband a few months ago. she was the one I did those "memory boards" for. I still have intentions of making her an album. I will do that. as for me scrapping this weekend: HA! never happened. i'm not surprised. i did finally "straighten" out my closet and use the new hangars i bought last weekend! it is those "slim" hangars. they work fine. my closet doesn't. told my hubby we need to remove those boxes {they're his} so my clothes can hang properly. I need to get more hangars so i can do the clothes on the top. here are before and after.

i've been hurting all weekend. my shoulder and neck are really tight and sore. i've taken more Aleve and Motrin than the law allows. nothing has relieved it. think I need something stronger, but.... not sure. think i may have over did it playing ball last thursday and friday. maybe.
today i am trying to finish laundry and clean my bathroom. fun. dishes are in dishwasher, running. have a rotisserie chicken for dinner tonight. will make some side dishes. my daughter is babysitting for the neighbors, who are going to the Saints game tonight. they are playing "Monday Night Football", are you ready? I hope they play well. my sister and her husband are going to the game. they have "season passes." lucky dogs!!
Here is what my morning consisted of already:
Bed, before and after.

Dishwasher and washing machine!

Maggie waiting to go out and dinner for tonight! Yum
Well, guess I better get back to it, but I wanted to leave you with one more thought:

Halloween is going to suck for some! It's a shame really. Have a good day. Blog ya later..................

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