Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Hump Day"

Well, it's Wednesday already. Which means, time for Bonco tonight!! YAY! Of course, I really need to try and sneak in a nap. Only because, I awakened yesterday at 5:30 a.m. and didn't get to sleep again until midnight!! Last night was my nieces' Confirmation. That was an hour's drive to and from. Once my sister and I got across the River, we stopped at Starbucks for a LARGE coffee, with intentions of stopping again on the return trip home! If there would have been a "Super, Duper, Extra Large" size, we would have gotten that one. It wasn't enough to order "extra shot" cause that really didn't "kick" in for me! I ordered the Pumpkin Spice Latte AND I got the LAST Pumpkin/Cream Cheese Muffin! My sis was not happy about that. I ate it sooo fast, I think it was good!? I really needed a "Sugar Rush" to get me thru the night! We started at 7 and didn't finish until after 9! There were only 20 Confirmants. 5 of them were from the same family! THAT was funny! The Bishop told the priest, "I think that's what you call 'stacking the deck!'" It was so funny. Everytime one of them went up to explain what their "Confirmation Name" was about, they told them their names! When the 3rd "Smith" got up there, he asked, "Just how many are you?" 5! I enjoyed it. Afterwards, we went to the "Youth Center" for sandwiches and cake. Took pictures. I'll post some later. My sis and I left about 10 p.m. We knew we had a drive ahead of us. We purposely didn't get any cake, for we had COFFEE on the brain! I almost hit an armadillo on the highway! Thank goodness for my driving "skilz" and the coffee I had earlier! ;) There are NO lights on this highway. None. zilch. dark. long. boring. The only excitement was the armadillo!! We get into "town" and I ask, "still wanna stop for coffee?" The response was "No." :O
Yeah, we were tired and just wanted to get home. I dropped her off at about 11:15 and I got home about 11:30. Brushed teeth, changed clothes, got into bed, fell asleep. fast. Then WHAM! time to get up. Start all over again.

My sister and I got into a discussion last night about, ready for this? DISHWASHERS! and the fact that no one knows how to load them. At least in our families! Seriously. She was "preaching to the choir" and she doesn't even have kids! Let me explain: My hubby, as great as he is in doing other things, loading the dishwasher isn't one of them! He thinks he is helping me out. Really. He'll say, "I cleaned the kitchen for you and loaded the dishes." Which translates to: "uh, thanks. {great, more work for me!} I literally have to take the dishes out of the dishwasher and reload! I ask him, "How do you think the dishes are going to get clean when they are loaded this way?" My sister says her hubby puts in the dishes backwards so that the backs of plates get clean and not so much the front! Any intelligent being knows that dishwashers clean from the center out! At least ours does! Don't have a "new-fangled, high power" dishwashers!! I told her that this is what I would do. Instead of re-washing, next time you serve him dinner, place the food on the BACK of the plate! seriously. I would sooooo do that! If he asks about it, say, "Well you did the dishes last time and this is what got clean!" In my house, my kids would say, if I did that, "Mom is having an 'Episode.'" LOL Usually, okay, ALL the time, I load the dishes. It is my daughter's responsiblity to unload. Sometimes my hubby does. Do you think they pay attention to how the dishes are while putting away? NO. The response from hubby is, "Hey, at least I cleaned the kitchen!" Yeah. okay. we'll go with that! I tell him that all he does is create MORE work for me. He says if I wasn't so anal about it. Oh no he didn't. I told him, I like to eat off of clean dishes. This argument will be neverending. I don't even bother anymore. My father in law respected my dish loading abilities! For Holiday dinners at their house, I would usually clean up and load the dishwasher. That was the ONLY time they used the dishwasher! My other 2 sisters in law would help, but, I was the only one who would load. My father in law would unload and put away the next morning. He liked the fact that the silverware were together and the plates and bowls, etc. It was faster for him. God love Eddie!!

Enough of the "Dishwasher" saga. I started an "H.O.P." for today on "Scrapbuddies" message board. I have some laundry to do, dishes to put away! and another little pile of papers to sort thru. I hope to get some scrapping done when the "chikens" go down for a nap. ;) Of course, I would LOVE to take a nap myself to get ready for some "Bonco Fun" tonight!!!

Have a good day. I'll post some pictures later of last night's activities and of the layouts I got done over the last 2 days. Blog ya later...................................


kelliebean said...

LOL! You're lucky - my hubby doesn't like for me to use the dishwasher 'cause it uses too much electricity (um, okay)...if I let him do dishes he does them in ice cold water (yes, because hot water uses too much electricity, or gas, or whatever). *shakes head*

And KUDOS for missing the armadillo! You've made one of your TX buddies very happy! ;)

Liz said...

Yeah my husband puts plates with giant food chunks on them in our dishwasher. I had to take over. He cooks. I clean, therefore saving the life of my precious dishwasher.