Saturday, October 18, 2008

Homecoming Saturday!

Well, today is the day! woo hoo. I was so exhausted last night that I got to bed before 10 p.m.! I was sleeping shortly thereafter. And I slept soundly too! I had the whole bed to myself. No hubby. No snoring. Nothing. I awakened at about 7 a.m. Went to the bathroom. Back to bed. Up again. My son was up! I cleaned kitchen. Showered. Left the house. Went to the bank and to fill up the van with gas. Spent more than I wanted to for a gallon, $2.89, but, I wouldn't have made it to the station that had it for $2.83! Made it back to the house to pick up my daughter to take her to get her hair done. Then came back to clean my house! Swept and mopped living room and kitchen. Then ran errands and back to pick up daughter to take her to get her nails done. Look:

Those are her real nails. She was so proud that they got long enough to have a "French Manicure!" We came back home and she actually napped on the sofa for a little over an hour!! I woke her to go bathe. I did her makeup. My sister came by to see her dressed and to meet the "boyfriend." The plan was, to take a few pictures here, then go and meet the others at her friend's house for MORE pictures, then take them to restaurant for dinner. One of the parents took them to the dance. I am to pick up any and all who can fit in my van, and take them back to friend's. My daughter is staying over. Here are a few shots taken here at the house:

Isn't he a cutie? They were already forewarned about me taking pictures! Here are more taken at friend's house! I told them all, beware, I will be "blogging" all this!!! LOL

The girls were so funny! We were still waiting on 1 girl and her date! We told them, we would be doing this all over again when she showed up! That went over well!
So, here are more with all of them there. Finally.

All of them were going to the same restaurant for dinner. I told my daughter that I would be in the restaurant taking pictures! The horror on her face! Priceless. One of the kids said, "like paparazzi." My daughter said, "No. She's the 'Mamarazzi'!" She knows. Of course I was only kidding. sorta. ;-)
They are at the dance now. She was trying to think of a cute pose for the pictures. The theme was "Egyptian" something she said. I can only imagine what they'll come up with!!
I'm exhausted. I've got a couple of hours before I have to pick them up. Thankfully, the school is literally around the corner!! But of course, I have to drive them 10 mins out! But it'll be okay. I'll probably be picking them up @ 10 p.m. or so. They would rather all hang out at the house anyway. Most all of them have their bathing suits to swim in the pool. The mom has it heating right now. It did get chilly this afternoon when the "front" came through. They'll be okay. They're young.
Gonna go now. Enjoy your weekend. Blog ya later.................

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Chrispea said...

Your DD looks beautiful. I hope they all had fun at the dance. :)