Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween or ...

Trick O' TreaterCarving
... Christmas shopping season is HERE!!!! Get ready folks.
Well, it seems I have bombarded you with LOTS of Halloween Smilies! Aren't they cute?

Spinning 3D Jack-o-Lantern Tonight's plans include a Football game and party at a friend's. I still haven't gotten a costume or if I am even going to wear one!

Spinning 3D Frankenstein I have made "Treat Bags" for the little "chikens." Smarties, Dum Dum pops and Pixie Sticks. Plenty of SUGAR!!!
Witch Cauldron Our church is NOT doing their "Annual Trunk and Treat/Fall Fest" this year. :( Apparently, we've gotten so big, that it cannot be done safely. Since we've been in our new building, 3 yrs now, lots of "Space Walks" and a "Dunk Booth" and face painting went on. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, drinks, desserts, all available for FREE! Then about 8 p.m., parents would go to their cars and prepare for the "Treaters." Then we would pass out candy to all the little kids! It was a lot of fun! Of course my kids are too old, but they enjoyed handing out candy! Before we moved to the new church, we would hold it at the Pontchartrain Center Parking lot. It was a BIG convention center! Weather was always good for us!
Vampire But this year, getting together with friends and neighbors. Of course, the older teens will be at the high school football game first!! The younger kids, some of them are previous "chikens" of mine, will go "trick or treating" in the neighborhood.
Witch My hubby will join me at the party after he works the football game. Good thing, cause I plan on "partying!" ;-)
Mummy I do have plans to go find something to wear to 2 weddings coming up the week of Thanksgiving, on Saturday, but other than that, I can sleep it off, er I mean, sleep in!!
Toilet Paper House I will have to start planning my Thanksgiving invites, for I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house again! Your invite will be in the mail!! I'll tell you what's on the menu at a later date. Don't want you to short out your computer! LOL Seriously. I can cook and cook well! Why do you think they all come to my house, the smaller house, for Thanksgiving Dinner? Certainly not because I'm a good hostess, well, I AM, but for the FOOD I have!!
Okay, enough of that.

Everyone please, PLEASE be safe tonight. Have fun. Let the kiddies enjoy themselves after all, when WAS the last time Halloween fell on a Friday?? No worry about school the next day and sending "Sugar-shocked, hyped-up" kids to their teachers!! Blog ya later.............


kelliebean said...

LOVE the smiley guys - I think Frankenstein and the TP ones are my favorites. :)

Happy Halloween - party hard and sugar up (winter's coming, you know)!!!

Brock Family said...

I love the Halloween smilies! I also enjoyed the Twas the night before election poem! that's funny!!! Oh and guess what...part 5 of the Brock Family Tour, lands us in New Orleans! We should meet up!!!!! How fun would that be????