Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary!! ?

I question it because, well, you would NOT believe what I did this morning? No, get your minds out of there!! I was about to dry my hair and there were towels on the counter that didn't get put away. So, I did what any other Mother would do. Yeah, finish a task that didn't get completed by a family member!!! In doing so, my hand mirror was under the towels. Yep! CRASH. right to the floor! On my wedding anniversary! :o Can't believe. I can't tell you how long it's been since I broke a mirror. At least 7 years! Now I have to start ALL OVER!!!

It's things like that, that really annoy me!
Okay. Begin your "Pity Party" now for me! LOL Really. It's a good thing I'm not superstitious! Although, I do stay away from paths of black cats AND walking under ladders!!
I visited my "Blogging Friend" Whitney who owns/runs/writes Glamorous Life of a Housewife and she was "Tagged." But not your typical tagging. She had to write" 6 Things I Value and 6 Things I Do Not Value." So..... here is mine:

6 Things I Value:
God - first and foremost!
Family - one of my most treasured things
Friends - I do have a handful of "true" friends whom I truly admire
Laughter - need I say more?
Ability - by this I mean, the ability to do and try new things
Freedom - hello? without this, I can't have the above things!!

6 Things I Do NOT Value:
Negativity - Whitney stated this and I agree. I tend to not hang around anyone who is negative in any way. I am a positive person and try to see the good in all situations.
Laziness - OMGosh! I won't get started on that one!
Stupidity - Really? Sometimes common sense really does work!
Being Late - I can't stand it when I am on time for something and I have to wait!! Because someone else is LATE!!
Poor Customer Service - DON'T work in this field if (1) you aren't a "people person/pleaser" and (2) you hate your life!! Go work in a fast food establishment that has a "Drive Thru!" Do us all a favor.
Rudeness - Also applies to above! There is NO EXCUSE for this behavior. None.

Well, it's now YOUR turn. Let's see how deep you have to dig for this one! Feel free to use one of mine. But only IF you seriously have a problem with it. I want to see your reasons!! ;)

Okay, like I said at the beginning, today is my 16th Wedding Anniversary! Can't believe I've been married this long!! That's like 85 yrs in "Hollywood!" ROTFL We really don't have anything "special" planned. Hubby wants to go and eat at Al Copeland's restaurant, "Sweet Fire & Ice." We'll probably go tomorrow evening. We have a Volleyball game tonight at 8:15. Maybe I'll make a "special" dinner and NOT order out! hee hee I haven't even gotten him a card! :o I guess cause it's "16" and not "15". Last year, I wanted him to get me something BIG! Our 10th year went by without any kind of acknowledgement!! I wasn't about to let #15 go the same route! He bought me a beautiful ring. It is a "Journey" ring that the company just came out with! I am the 1st person, in this area at least, to have one! Everyone comments on it. Look.

Isn't it pretty! He did good. He was going for the "Journey" pendant, but my daughter saw it first and commented on it. Then my hubby said, "Mom likes different." I do. ;) no pun intended! First and foremost, I am not a "Jewelry Person." My original wedding ring was very different and simple. In fact, it was a year after we were married when hubby gave me an engagement ring! I was fine with that. Won't go into what happened with MY wedding ring, but, we've since changed rings, adding the diamond he gave me, to my new ring.
Anyhoo. Have a pretty much quiet day here. I might take the 2 "chikens" I have today over to the park. It's not raining. Playground area is that soft, mushy, safety kind, so it won't be sloppy and wet. We'll see how the morning plays out!

I've been trying to scrap some pages with pictures I found while cleaning up on Monday. I'm down to my last one, but, I can't come up with a title!! What do you think? I'm really stumped!!

Sorry. Picture isn't that clear. It was like 8 years ago!! They were going to a "Father/Daughter" dance with the Girl Scouts. I made the flowers using my Cricut and I pieced together the pink, blue and green paper, adding the "flower" paper in the corner. The picture overlay was part of a "RAK" I received. I thought it would be perfect for this page. Now, if I could come up with some simple title, I could complete it! Any suggestions? Seriously. I cleaned "Mr. Mojo" right out of my house. I think he's on his way west, to "Bean's." {um, send him back when you're done ;) }

Well, have a good weekend. I am heading over to my LSS that is closing!! I have a gift certificate with some money left on it, along with a small "stash" of cash I can spend. I'm gonna go and look around. There is a sale, 30 - 60% off! I'm sure I'll find something! I'll let you know what I get! Blog ya later............


lmerie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Beautiful ring- he did do good!

Happy sales hunting!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Happy, Happy Anniversary! The ring is gorgeous. It's simple, but so elegant. Nice work, hubby! :)

Have a wonderful day!!!

Anonymous said...

p.s. I'll send Mr. Mojo back...sometime... ;)

Kristin said...

Congrats on the anniversary! Waht a great milestone.