Friday, October 10, 2008

End of the "Work" Week

Well. Today is Friday. It's the last day of the "work" week. For most anyway. Definitely for me! Yay. Look, here is my morning:

Here are more:

And just a few more:

While I was outside with the boys, I got to thinking, someone posted somewhere, about, gee, I can't quite place... let me think....
OH!! Erin's Creative Adventure! That was it. Gosh. Just what was I thinking? Anyway, we are going to need pictures of "Transition", meaning, something that will change, not be the same in a certain amount of time. For her, it is being a "New Mom." So she was taking random pictures of Hank, in different scenarios. Well, this morning got me to thinking... hey, in less than 8 months, I'll no longer be providing childcare. Something I've been doing for almost 11 yrs!! Soon, there will be no toys in my backyard. No little ones running around, chasing the dogs. No more scraped hands and knees. No more sweaty faces. All of a sudden, I'm feeling really sad. This is a part of my life I don't ever want to forget! I have 3 little books FULL of pictures of all the babies I've cared for! I still see the majority of them today and I'm still a part of their lives in some way. For that I am grateful and humbled. I love that they remember staying with me and it was a good thing! Just yesterday at the park, there were other kids there along with their sitter! I was kind of surprised, but not as surprised as to who the sitter was! When talking, my name was given, and she said, "Veronica from Destrehan?" For a brief moment, I didn't know if that was a good thing or not!!! I said, "Yes. Who are you?" She told me her name and I knew who it was, but had never met her before! She couldn't remember how she knew me, but remembered speaking to me on the phone, like 8 years ago!! I told her it was thru my mother in law, from the drugstore. She was like, "YES! that's it." I was surprised that she had 6 kids there, for I would never drive with that many, no matter if I had enough car seats and belts! That is too much responsibility. I'm surprised the parents were okay with that? I, at least clear it with the 2 I have before doing that and they are more than okay! But anyway, I have a good reputation in this town. People talk about me in a positive way! Seriously. I own up to any comments I may say. People aren't surprised if they hear a comment I may have said. They reply, "yup, sounds like something she would say!"
Anyway, back to the project. I only know there are only 8 pictures that will be used. That is going to be tough. Might have to create a booklet using that "Bind It All" machine I bought months ago and haven't yet used! :^o I know. I've been busy.
Wow, I'm sorry. I just re-read what I typed. I kinda went askew there. It's that kind of day. My sister called me and told me that my grandmother is not doing well and might not make it thru the weekend!! So, thank goodness I have the first game tonight because when I am done, my other sister should be finished with work, then we can drive across the river to go and see her. She is at home. My Aunt lives there also, so, hopefully 8:00 tonight won't be too late. My grandmother had 3 daughters. My mom and other aunt passed on 10 and 12 yrs ago. She also had to bury her husband. She is one of 9 children, with her own mother passing shortly after she was born. There is 1 brother and her left in her family! She is 88 yrs of age and has lived a very good life! We just think that she is content with the way she has lived, has done all she can do and is happy with that! It is still tough to witness though. She took my mother in when she started becoming ill, until we had to move her into a nursing home. It was literally 5 minutes away from my grandmother, so she was able to visit daily. It was hard for my grandmother to watch my mom wither away like she did, but at least she was glad she was there! Life really is cruel, isn't it?
Okay, enough of this somberness! There is a really BIG, HUGE football game tonight! The 2 local high schools here. Big time rivalry! So much so, that, all week long, beginning last weekend, the police have been patrolling BOTH stadiums! Reason: both fields were re-done. I'm talking "million dollar, artificial turf!! and in the past, the old fields have been burned!!!!! Hey, they take their rivalries seriously here!! It goes well beyond the "TP-ing" that goes on! It is being played on the opponents field this year! We have won the last 4 years, I think. Could be more. This is a BIG game. Last year, it went into 3 overtimes!! Shirts are printed up. Pep Rallies are HUGE!!!! There are actually tailgating parties that begin as soon as school lets out! Yesterday, this is funny, in my neighborhood, some of the kids who don't have parking passes at school, will park on the side streets and walk to school. Well, I saw 2 girls placing 3x3 pink, yellow and green Post-its all over a car!! OMG! It was funny! When my daughter got home she was telling me about it and I told her, I saw them doing it!! She said, "Really! cause the girl was telling her friends who were riding with her, to help her take them off!" Funny. Had my camera, but.....
I'll let ya know the turnout of the game. My daughter is going, then, she is coming home with 2 friends for a "sleepover." FUN. Haven't gone to the store, so, there are no snacks for them. sorry.
Well, have a good weekend. I'll blog you guys later.......................

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kelliebean said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading that! :)

LOVE the Post-It note car story!!!

I've put your grandmother (and you and the rest of the family!) in my prayers. Keep me posted.