Friday, October 3, 2008

A Day in the Life of....

I think this is definitely an appropriate title for this post. I've noticed on Joscie's Blog, that there is a "contest" on taking pictures of your life in a week. Well, I commented on her blog that I was impressed at the picture taking ability. I've also noticed on Angie's Blog, she is also doing the same! Well, my conclusion is: I need an "photographer" to follow me!! I mean, I am just too darn busy to stop and take pictures!! So, let me just post the last 2 days and I'll try and quote each pic.

Dishes in the sink from the night before. Don't understand it. How can that be, when I SWEAR I live by myself! How can I make this mess?

Have to wipe down the highchairs, again!

Feed the animals!!! Then of course, let them out!!

Ahhh, all clean!!!

Then of course the "chikens" start arriving!!! Breakfast, a little t.v. while I clean up kitchen, AGAIN and get things ready for their lunch! Then we have been heading outside to play. The weather has been absolutely GORGEOUS!!
But before I let them out, I have MORE cleaning to do:
Here they are running around. Notice one of the culprits, in my "pre-cleaning" outside in the background?

Ahhh, nice clean, cut yard! Thanks mostly to my hubby, who cut the grass yesterday!

Here I am, enjoying the great weather also. Boy, do I sleep well at night!!

More Clean UpS!!! Then, refreshments.
Here is my "refreshment" of choice: Don't worry. It's straight from the can. Nothing "added", yet! LOL

Well, then there is lunch and naps. YAY!!! I then clean, AGAIN!!! and usually start preparing my dinner for the night:

This night, it happened to be, chicken sausages with spinach and asiago cheese with tomato sauce and shell pasta! It was absolutely delicious!! Look how I captured the "Steam." That is real. No tricks involved! Gosh, I'm good!! ;-)

After their naps, we have been getting "cleaned up" and going outside again until parents come and pick them up. Here is my living room and toy box cleaned with their little backpacks ready to go!
Well, that is mostly the extent of my days. My DD has dancing on Tues, Wed, and Thursdays. I play ball on Thursday and Friday evenings. Of course, if there is a "Home" football game, my DD is usually there!!!! In the past, before I started playing ball on Friday nights, I would have the house to myself. Hubby working football game, DD AT the game and DS usually at a friends. I would open up my card table and SCRAP WITHOUT INTERRUPTION! Oh, those were the days!!
Anyhow, that is a peek into what I do on a daily basis. Anything else is strictly "Lagniappe!" Enjoy the rest of your day!!


Anonymous said...

Love the makeover!

Cool pics, too...hey - I just realized something! Not only do we have the same highchair, but we have matching Tupperware tumblers! You ever use yours for mojitos?! 3 words for ya - no spill lid!!! :)

And what cutie-pie chikens you share your day with. The fact that you can send them home just makes them even cuter! lol!

Jaimie Lea said...

love your 'picture journal' sounds like a busy day! Right now I think I would trade you, in a few weeks when I am back on my feet I will trade you back. he he he :)

Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog!