Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blue Moon

Well, last night I happened to notice just how lovely the moon looked in the night sky. Clouds kept passing over and it took a while to even try and get a picture. But, somehow, the pictures just didn't come out the way I actually SAW it! I need to look into photography classes and learn all the settings on the camera. You know "aperature" and "exposure" and "shutter speed." Anyway, here is what I got:

There is a "ring", or "glare" or "white shadow" around the moon in the picture and to look at it, it was crystal clear. Really pretty. I don't know. I'll take any suggestions!!

Got my hair cut and colored last night. Now to figure out what to wear Thursday. Just found out my "duties" have changed. No longer doing a Reading. 2 of my cousins will be doing them. I was asked to do the Responserial {sp?} and the prayer after communion? I told my sister, it's been a long time I attended a Catholic Mass, so I may need to know when that prayer is said! She said, they'll tell me. Whew! The first granddaughter and the last granddaughter will be doing the readings. That is so funny! It happens to be the 1st and last grandchild as well! Anyway, all of us grandchildren will be there. It will be a repeat of February's Reunion. Such a shame really. Why is it that, that is when you usually see family and old friends, at a funeral.

Well, believe it or not, I created a layout yesterday!! Look:

I have some "random" pictures that I need to scrap, so I am working on them. This was the first. I still have vacation pictures from last summer to do! So, I guess I will try to do 1 or 2 a day!! Be on the lookout!

Well, guess I should get my day started and moving. Blog ya later.................


lmerie said...

The moon was beautiful last night, well and the night before too. I love full moons - I almost broke out the camera too, but mine never turn out like I saw it :)
Great scrapbook page!

Bree said...

Nice layout, and i can never get those dang night time photos right.

Thanks for checking out "Across the Universe"
I hope you'll play along...

kelliebean said...

Oh my gosh! I took moon pics last night, too - how funny! It was so pretty rising over the mountains here (we're in TX right now). I'll have to post mine later too. :)

Have a great day - hang in there.