Thursday, September 25, 2008

You might want to get a "LARGE" cup of coffee for this post. I'm just saying. It might get a little "heavy", a little "thought provoking" if you will. I have been doing some "reflecting" lately, which made me pull out my "book" of poems and writings I've done a very long time ago. When all of these were written, my dad read a few and was "quite concerned" about me! I assured him, I was just fine that, most, if not all were things I "witnessed" and NOT a part of! I just want to share a couple with you. The first, that kind of started my "writings" happened in the 6th grade. It was an assignment. Surprisingly, I STILL remember it! Here goes:
N is for the Nice things that roam in the woods,
A is for the Apple leaves red like a hood.
T is for the Tracks that are on the ground,
U is for the Unearthly things that are found.
R is for the Running water,
E is for the Earthly fruit so you don't need a quarter!

Not bad for a 6th grader! This assignment stirred a new excitement for writing in me. I would sit for hours just dabbling and writing different things down. No one and I mean NO ONE ever saw anything until it was absolutely complete. Even then, I really didn't share it.
Here are 2 more I wrote back in 1983!!

"You Are"
You are a very special friend
You are love without an end.
You are a breeze on a hot summer's day
You are a friend that came my way.
You are the sun shining so bright
You are my day that went just right.
You are my everything you can be
You are my life as you can see.
You are joy and my hope
You are there to help me cope.
You are the world and everything in it
For there is no other way to spend it.

Free as the wind as the birds fly high
Free as my love as it touches the sky.
Free to be anything that I can
Free are the children in the sand.
Free as the fish swim in the sea
Free to be anything I want to be.
Free as the time as it passes on
Free as the sun when it reaches dawn.
Free is love and free is my friend
For being free, there is no end.

Here is one that I wrote in 1984, that I actually used as an entry to take a Writing Course:
"The Rose"
A rose buds beautifully in the morning.
A dark red bud, just sitting in the sunrise throughout the day.
It very slowly opens to draw in all the sun's rays.
The soft, plush petals have become a more lighter red than before.
As the bud opens, a bee comes to pollinate the petals.
Every so often, a person smells this rose.
A mist falls upon the rose dampening the ground around the rose.
It soaks up the rain, that is now falling, through the roots and a rainbow appears in the garden of the rose.
A being comes towards this rose and its life has been cut.
The rose is taken from its home and brought into an unknown place.
It has been placed in a long vase filled with water.
The rose is placed on a window sill facing the unforgotten sun.
The heat of the sun is not the same.
There is no breeze, no feeling of home for this rose.
All its life and vitality has gone.
Night draws near and the rose starts to curl up again.
No more days of sun filled with breezes and a mist now and then.
Everything is now over.
The rose bends over and its petals, which are no longer soft and plush, turn in.
The smell has gone.
The bright red rose has left us.
It is taken from the vase and is dropped into the wastepaper basket.

This is my last one for today. They are just "thoughts" about what was going on at the time, which was November, 1982. When I re-read it, I thought, "oh my, things really haven't changed. I still believe in what I had written THEN, now! Only time has changed!" It is appropriately called:

"My Philosophy of Life"

As I sit here wondering about so many things, the world outside me is busy.
I'm left alone in my little world to dream and believe what I want, while the world outside around me, is in reality.
In my own little world, there is nothing bothering anyone. Everyone has their peace and their love for each other. But as my life goes on in my little world, it continues on the outside in the world of reality.
Wars, Inflation, Peace Treaties, they're all happening around me. Whey is it that people can't seem to get along with one another as they do in my world? Life would be a lot easier and simpler if people would just learn to compromise with each person and get along.
There wouldn't be so many things to worry about.
In my own world, people enjoy life. They enjoy being alive. Each morning they look forward to waking up to something as wonderful as a day full of light and glory. Here in reality, when people wake, they wake to a house full of misery and worry whether or not the day will go right for them. There is no worry about such things in my world.
In reality, you have politics and parties that fight to be the ones to make their world better. They mention such things about taxes and inflation. In my world, no one knows what those terms mean. They run their own life. They don't turn it over to strangers, so that they can ruin it for them.
I love my world, for you haven't any troubles to worry about, but people say I spend too much time in my world and I don't pay any attention to what's going on in reality. If they only knew and understood what my life is like in my little world, they wouldn't bother me about life outside in reality.
They need their own world to dream about, to have fun in. When I go to the other world after this life here in reality, people are gonna say, "There goes a person who lived in his own world and had not a care in the world."
It's too bad not everyone took time to be in their own world to just get away for awhile from reality. Maybe their lives would have gone a little easier for them, just to have a place they know that they can get away to.
Maybe one day in the near future, the world in reality will be a lot like my own little world, where people make an effort to be together and not have worries to bother with. Like I said, maybe one day in the future.
Who knows?

Okay, I was 15 when I wrote this! Give me a break. I had quite a bit going on way back then. In fact, it has made me the person I am today, which I hope is a Good person! I have learned to be more "laid back" and "relaxed" about things that are completely out of my hands! And let me tell you, that ain't easy! I very much need to be in control of things! LOL

Okay, enough "Deep Thoughts" for today. I am not "Jack Handy!" LOL For those of you old enough to remember that skit from SNL!
I am finishing up my laundry and will be packing for my weekend. I am so excited. I sooooooo need a "Mental Health" break! I had a small one last night when I returned from Bonco. By the way, I was the "Big Loser" last night! I won $5, so, that wasn't too bad! hee hee Anyway, when I got home, I watched "Lipstick Jungle." O. M. G.! That is all I am going to say right now. I will watch "Grey's Anatomy" probably on Monday evening with my friend. So, I would appreciate you guys not saying anything please!
Gotta go. Gonna take my 2 "chikens" outside for a while. It's really nice today!!! I'll blog ya later.................


Kristin said...

I tried making them smaller, my problem "had" been that I had spaces and other characters in my file names. Right now, it's just too many steps to get things in the gallery. Maybe when I have some free time one day soo, lol.

That's so funny about Jack Handy, I so remember that! Good for you that you documented what you were feeling then. Blog ya soon,

Pamela said...

Oh my goodness....on Grey's Anatomy....j/k, I don't even watch that show. :) But you are right...why can't we all just get along. Why can't we be nice??? I don't think people know how to anymore. I prefer to live in my own little bubble sometimes.

kelliebean said...

:D Jack Handy :D Loved that stuff!

Big ol' pat on the back cause you post things you wrote when you were 15. But, I have to say, that was pretty insightful! See, if I did that, I'd be exposing my egocentric teen angst phase to the entire world, and that's something I'm just not willing to unleash ever again!!!

Have fun at the beach!
*pout* I'm jealous. :(