Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a Delightful Morning!

The weather feels so good! Sun isn't completely out yet, but it is cooler! Ahhhhhhh, Fall! Even if it only lasts 2 days!! LOL.
Take a look at these:

The pictures of me aren't the best, but hey! I actually have pictures put on a layout about me! I have very few pics of me and even fewer layouts. I was cleaning out some pictures on my harddrive and came across these! Figured I would create "something" before tossing! The only other picture of me in a bathing suit was when I was preggers with my daughter, 3 days before she was born! My dad thought I should deliver in his pool! Little did we know she would come 3 days later, 3 1/2 weeks early!!! Good thing I wasn't in his pool! LOL 15 yrs later, all is well. Blessings were bestowed upon us. Back to the layouts. Not bad? Right? You can be honest. Really. I know how to cry behind closed doors. LOL Seriously. I am not a "designer" by any stretch of the imagination! That's why I "beg, borrow and steal" ideas! Of course, all with permission!! I posted on the CKMB blog, that I am trying to organize my digi files so that the Designer's Name appears and I can credit them. I am trying to get into the habit of doing that. Not that I'll EVER be published! egads! I just notice in all the scrapbooking mags, whether it's digi or traditional, credits are given as to what paper is used, etc. First of all, I AM NOT BRAND LOYAL! I just don't have the resources available to be that way. I pick up any ol' paper and embellies. Whatever I like at the time! Don't have Bazzil paper at my Mike's or Jo's or even Wallyworld! So, I am limited. But that really isn't an excuse to NOT credit the manufacturer and I'm gonna try, promise!
DH is home today from work. Don't even get me started! There is a reason Men do not give birth to children! OMGoodness, and when he gets sick, minor cold, I want to move to another planet!!!! I don't get "sick days" or "mental health" days {although I really, really should!} I can't "regroup" to or from work in the car. I can't go to the bathroom by myself {haven't in some time now} or can I complain to my co-workers about other co-workers or family! Er, I mean, I could, but honestly, will I get the same response from a 2 yr old than an adult? Maybe. Probably better! Anyhow. I don't complain. Can't complain. Who would listen? Who would
care? I mean, if it's about them and only them, there are no other problems! Are you with me? Do you understand my dilemma? If you're a Mom, you get it! Don't hide. You know you do. That's why on the 26th I'm leaving town with my sister! Yup. We are going away for 3 days. I'm taking off that Friday and Monday! and you can't stop me! Please don't try. I need to go. I didn't think that you would. ;) We are going to the beach! I'm "veggin" the entire weekend. There might even be some food involved. DEFINITELY Daquiri's! I'll think of you "Bean" when I'm gone! ;-)
All right. think I better go and check on my DH. Nah, never mind. He's still breathing. It's just his foot that is bothering him. Seriously. Don't try and figure it out. I'm not. Have a great day. Blog ya later............


kelliebean said...

lol! I remember having a killer sinus infection a few years ago, trying to figure out if I should use a couple of sick days to recover - dh convinced me to get meds and go to work 'cause "it was just a little cold." Two weeks later, I coulda sworn he was on death's doorstep with the same thing, the way he was acting. Sheesh! I'm GLAD they don't give birth. Can you imagine the whining???!!! :)

Daquiris? Well, y'all are close to the beach...tropical and all that. Makes sense to me! But around here, it's all about the 'Rita! Sedona weekend, I'm tellin ya! Have a wonderful long weekend - you deserve it, girl!

lmerie said...

Both layouts are great - I really like your about me page.

I collect scrapbooking supplies! I have finihsed books for others, but never for myself! So sad. I keep thinking I will get organized and find the time soon . . . now I am loving the blogging! oh well.

My hubby is actually not a normal man when sick, he goes to work and does not moan. . . My Dad on the other hand was absolutely horrible when sick. I actually have very little compassion for moaners and groaners because of him. hehe

Beach days are coming!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Those pages look great! Good job, lady! :)

Kristin said...

I totally hear you on the hubbys not being able to give birth. I have to get out of the house when DH is sick, otherwise who knows what would happen.

Have a GREAT weekend away!

Love the new look of your blog!