Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Wacky" Wednesday {countdown began!}

You know, I already started packing for my weekend, uh, umm, LAST weekend!! Only some little things I didn't want to forget! I have Bonco tonight. At the sister's house who I am leaving with and I play Volleyball Thursday night at, ready for this? 8:45 p.m.! Could it BE any later? It's bad enough that tonight, I have to record the season premiere of "Lipstick Jungle" AND CSI:New York! and tomorrow night's premieres of "Grey's Anatomy" and "ER." I HAVE NO IDEA when I'll get to watch them!! Had to call my friend and say, "We have to wear blinders and earplugs so we don't know what happens until we see them!" We usually get together on Thursday night for "Grey's" but I have a game and SHE has her Bonco group! I ask, just WHERE are our priorities? I would MUCH RATHER be sitting on her sofa with a bot, er, I mean GLASS of wine and muchies!! We have only been WAITING for this time since MAY!!!!!! When we knew the "premier date" we started planning and counting!! Priorities, priorities. tsk tsk.
Then, of course, I am waiting for "The Starter Wife" which begins October 10th! I so loved it last year! Debra Messing was GREAT! Funny, witty. Very good. Too much coming on and not any extra time to watch it all!!! I am officially a "T.V. Junkie!" I admit it. Isn't that the first step? I can only DVR 2 shows at once, but only while watching ONE OF THEM!!! Who created that system? My neighbor got a 2nd one! OMG! That's "ingenious!" I need to do that! Hmmm, cost is only $5 extra a month. I only need it for about 6 mos. Have to seriously think about that!! I then could set up a table and go from living room to bedroom with my scrap stuff and watch all the shows I recorded! WOW! It's actually possible. I am a "multi-tasker." I have to be. Okay. Monday, when I return, I'm going to the cable company and get another DVR box! It's settled.
I really have a problem. I admit it. I need to get out more. I need to READ more! Reminds me, gotta go get the books I want to read this weekend. Blog ya later.................


kelliebean said...

Girl, you really need more hours in the day, don't you? :D

Miss Dana said...

OMGosh, your lucky!!!! I barely have any time to watch ONE show!!!! Grrrr! I envy you......LOL just kidding! ;-)
You are, in fact, the first person I know who watches and records THAT many TV shows. Seriously.
But hey, I see you as 'lucky'. I wish I had time to watch all those shows!!
Anyway, I promise that I will post pictures of Jehn maybe tomorrow or Friday! Most likely Friday, though.
Hope you had a great day! Mine was just busy and tiring. Those kids ware ya out!!! Ha ha!
Btw, LOVE your new looks good on you.

lmerie said...

Yes! Greys Anatomy :)

I tagged you on my site . . .

And also, great find at the Dollar General - you did good!