Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oops! I Did It Again!!!

OMG! I am so trying to find the picture that got me in trouble, AGAIN, with the law, but, something is going on between external hard drive and computer. I sent my ds down to car to retrieve camera. In the meantime, I will do some "updating" on our circumstances.
We can start returning home tomorrow, but I will hang out another day. The weather isn't great on the return route and I do not want to stop for "potty breaks" with 4 dogs in rainy weather!! I mean, can you blame me!
Okay, here is the picture I got in trouble with.

It was taken at the Peabody Place, a little shopping mall. I just thought this clock looked really cool. A "wannebe" came up to me, told me I wasn't allowed to take pictures, unless it was of a person standing in the mall, because of "copyright infrigement." WHAT! Are you SERIOUS!! It's a freakin clock. I actually turned away, for I thought he was about to take my camera, for he leaned towards me. I put it into the camera bag and walked away. My kids told me, even my sister said to me, give me the car keys. We're leaving you in jail!! Where's the love? LOL
Oh well. We left there and went on Beale Street. Here are a couple of shots:

The "Pig" is where we ate 3 yrs ago when we evacuated for "Katrina." It was awesome!!! Had we not been full, we probably would have made "pigs" of ourselves again!!
Well, we are under a "Tornado Watch" for another hour here! Just heard from my DH, and he is telling me, I might want to definitely wait until Thursday or Friday to head home, for everyone else is going to leave and try and get in tomorrow! Sounds good to me!
Well, I'm tired and we haven't had dinner yet. I'll post again when I can! Have a good night.


luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

First of all, lol about the picture...are we related...sounds like something I'd do, don't worry call me I'd bail you out...Stay safe, and is Heartbreak Hotel still across from Graceland...?? Go to Elvis Presley's Memphis (Beale Street or use to be) and try the Fried Banana and Peanut Butter Sandwich ...I was too wigged out to try it back when I was there in 99...hmmm might have to scrap some of those pictures!!! Keep us updated!

Veronica said...

Yes, the hotel is still there!
I don't know if I could eat that sandwich, think I'm "wigged out"? ;-) My dd said she'd try it!

kelliebean said...

LOL! Breakin' the law again, huh?! Love the pics - looks like a really neat place, and y'all are making the best of it, even though you have to be there under these circumstances.