Thursday, September 18, 2008

Man! Did I sleep well last night! Must have been all the "fresh air" of being outside, running around with 2 yro's! I was exhausted. Tonight, I have a volleyball game. Should be just as exhausting. Received a phone call late last night that we will be playing Friday nite! Finally. I'm excited about that. I created my team. It's a good one! Really. Seriously. The people I have playing, well, let's just say, we are all competitive! We WANT to win! I feel for the teams we will be playing against. Okay. No I don't. Dangit, after last season, I want to win ALL!!!!! Sorry. No I'm not. Did you see those Olympic Games? They mean business. That's me. On Thursday nights. LOL There's something to be said about being the only "over 40" woman playing with a bunch of 20-somethings!!!! I can hold my own.
Okay. I'll get down now. I told my ds the other day: "I admit to things I can't do, like, cutting up a chicken, making bows, but, when I can do something and do it well, I'm gonna "toot my horn!" LOL Seriously. There aren't too many things I am extremely good at, but, Volleyball IS ONE!!!
I'm done. Really.
The weather stills feels pretty good. Although, it did get in the 80's yesterday! "Hibernation" Season is coming. I'm scared. The "festivals" and the "craft fairs" will be happening and in this area, that only means 1 thing: LOTS OF GOOD FOOD!!!!! I LOVE fair food. And we don't have your "typical" fair food. No sirree! We have, pastas and gumbos and po-boys and lots of FRIED foods! Good, down-home, cajun, southern food. Oh MY! I need to get outside running around with these 2 yr olds!! NOW!!!! Not to mention HOLIDAYS! I create a "goody" basket for my parents of my 'chikens.' Then I prepare a Thanksgiving meal for family and friends that consists of a Turkey, of course! Sometimes, it's a Fried Turkey that has been 'marinating' for days first! Then, I have a Gumbo! That's a tradition. Then I make homemade, handmade bread rolls! Golden Honey Pan Rolls. We usually have green beans, but not the soggy, french onion kind. The crisp, roasted kind! Sweet potatoes usually are on the table. And finally, home made Cranberry Sauce!! Okay, my "Martha" side comes out during this time! Okay, okay. I NEED to get to the gym. NOW!!!!! Time to charge up and change up, my MP3! Catch you guys later! ;)


lmerie said...

I am salivating! Now I am ready for Thanksgiving! But I think I am more ready to get some cajun food! I love cajun food and the closest place is 190 miles away! soo sad!

kelliebean said...

Alrighty, so we're coming to your house for Thanksgiving this year... :)

I think we need to make a pact - I won't talk about food if you don't. Hmm, either that, or I need to join a volleyball team...FAST!