Monday, September 22, 2008

Just where do I begin? Saturday morning, I went to my church. I signed up for a class called, "Dinner Is Served." The caption/paragraph read: "Ladies, you may be cooking for one, or for a large family. Dinner may be gourmet or simple, can range from budget-breaking to budget-friendly, unhealthy to nutritious, and preparing it can be drudgery. But it can also be enjoyable. The Dinner is Served Workshop is designed to make it easier, more affordable, and more enjoyable for you to prepare healthier meals at home. We will cover how to cut your food bill by 15 - 40%, how to organize your kitchen for maximum effieciency, how to grocery shop in record time, why the kichen is call the "heart of the home," and much more!"
Now, do I have your attention? It got mine. The whole "cut 15-40%" got me as well as the statement, "how to grocery shop in record time!" Let's just say, the workshop was okay. Yes, it was informative, but, truly, I knew a lot of it and do implement it in my own life. We were given "lists" such as, "a staple" list, items we should always have on hand. I did buy her Binder for $25 that covers the entire home! Cleaning, organizing, etc. My friends who also attended the workshop, picked on me horribly!! LOL They were jealous, that's all! It was fun with them there. There was 1 lady at our table whom we didn't know previously. Daniell tells her, "It's okay if you don't like her!" Meaning me!!! Sabrina asks me if I was OCD. I tell her, "yes, but I don't think it's "extreme." She tells me, "they have medication now!" I tell ya, NO RESPECT!! Overall, it was pretty good and I think I might state some key points here in the future! Ya know, to help my "fellow Moms" out there in Blogger World!
When we left, it was raining. Hard. Streets were flooding! It rained ALL day! Very depressing! That evening, my hubby and I went to my sister's to watch the LSU game! My brother in law bbq'd hamburgers and sausage. We brought some boiled shrimp to "nosh" on as well as daquiri's!! Game was an "edge of your seat", "scream at the players" kind of game. Fortunately, we won!!! Returned home @ 11. It was STILL raining!!! We had a 30% chance on Sunday as well. Luckily, it did not rain! I had a Bridal Shower to attend. So, I was pretty much not at home all weekend, which means, my house was a mess and I didn't get to do any scrapbooking!!! Man, that sucks. I was in my Dollar Tree yesterday, getting gift wrap for bridal gift and I walked down the "scrap aisle." Miss Elizabeth had these adorable "Travel Albums" that have chipboard as the pages. {I'll go take a pic to show} I bought the last 3 that were different. They are too cute! I thought about giving them as RAK's, but, there WERE ONLY 3! I want them.

Aren't they cute? You can slide a picture on the cover! Now, what to do with them? Hmmm. Have to give it some thought. It's all "acid free" so, it's safe to use. Stay tuned.
On another thought, I'm going to "vent" a bit. You can refill your coffee cup now. I'll wait.......................................
Okay, good. I'll make this short. Promise. I am down to only caring for 2 children now. The week we evacuated for Gustav, one of my "chikens" had gotten ill. As far as I know, he still isn't 100% He had the beginning of pneumonia. Has been to the ER a couple of times, according to his mother. His mother is young and had too much "drama" for me. I only heard from her once. I had tried calling and calling, but her number apparently was changed. I knew this, for I sent her an email checking on her son. She told me she had taken a "medical leave" at work, so she could tend to her son. Great. No problem. Seriously. The problem I have is, she still owes me money! My parents got a "break" from the week of the hurricane. Really shouldn't have, but, hey, I have a heart, what can I say?! Although, I state in my "Welcome Letter" that I am in no way, responsible for the weather! Anyway, I sent an email back wishing her son well and to please keep me posted. I also told her, she still owed me regardless and I'm sorry. If she was in a "facility" she would be obligated for all 3 weeks! I also asked her what her plans were, if she still "needed" me. I needed to know, if I should fill his spot! After all, I am running a business. Since her move, it is a great distance to come to me, back to work, back to pick up. Not too mention, there were 2 nights I kept him until 6:30 - 6:45 p.m. I had mentioned I couldn't do that too long, for it is a strain on my own family. Like I said, she has too much drama for me! Well, I haven't heard back from her! I expect her son won't return and I also expect no money from her! It's a shame that I'll get burned that way. Like I said to her, "I also have bills to pay." This is my "job" and I am always available! In the 10 years of doing this, I have not ever had to call my parents to tell them I was too sick to care for their child! I am very loyal. Sometimes, too loyal.
Anyway, thanks for listening. I'll let you know what happens.
Okay, I'm leaving Friday morning for the BEACH!!!!!! Woo hoo. Part of me doesn't want to go. {small part} Reason: my house will be a mess!!! Seriously. After I returned home yesterday afternoon, OMG!!!!! Laundry all over the kitchen floor, dishes in the sink AND dishwasher {which was FULL by the way!} and food on the stove. My hubby cooked! Don't get me wrong, he can cook, but please, PLEASE clean up. He usually does, but he had to go to work at the airport and delegated to my daughter. I ended up cleaning the kitchen. As usual. Cause you know, it got done RIGHT!! LOL Well, I can't be worried about all that. I will have a few meals cooked that they can "pull" from, but I expect the kitchen to be the way I leave it! Too much to hope for? Maybe. Maybe not. Oh well.
It seems that I only have 1 "chiken" today. Hmmm. The other usually doesn't come on Mondays or Fridays, but lately, has been here all week due to mom and dad's business. They are "financial consultants" and we all know what's been going on lately!! I hope he is feeling okay. I know that last week, he started getting congested. This crazy weather. I'll make a phone call. She usually calls me, but, I understand. I don't worry about her. She's cool.
Have a great day! It is the "First Day of Fall." yeah right. Blog ya later.............


kelliebean said...

The first day of Fall??? Bwaaaahhahahahahahaha! That's funny! 100 degrees today. Ugh. I say we meet up with some of our Internet scrappy buddies up north - just long enough to cool off, you know? Then, when they're nose-deep in snow, they can come visit us! ;)

Sorry to hear about your Drama Momma issues. Maybe it's for the best that she moves on.

I'll be waiting for your helpful hints - my family thanks you! :)

Toni said...

Well, that STINKS about the daycare. I totally agree with you that if her child were in a formal facility, she would have to pay. She should NOT take advantage of you.

I've thought about getting into daycare as well. I have ZERO clue as to going rates, state laws, what rules to establish, etc. But one thing I did think of that I would want to implement is this. The first week would be a trial week that required a full week deposit in advance. If, after the week, we mutually agreed to continue, no refund. That money would be held as a deposit for guarenteeing me a final week's pay (and/or guarenteeing me pay when someone pulled something like you're going through now). And if, after the first week, one of us decided it wouldn't work out, I would still have my pay for that week. And that is the full extent of my plan, lol.