Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's "weally" Wednesday?

Wow. Been worrying about Hurricane Ike, that time, hours, days, just got away from me! Fortunately, we're safe, but our neighbors to the lower eastern side of Texas, aren't. Hopefully it won't get above a category 2 when it makes landfall this weekend. Poor Cuba!!
Well, I finally finished the last of the pictures of Disney for Lexie's book. I just need to create a cover, inside cover and back side. Was setting up on Shutterfly, but, I'm having a little trouble. I'm having even more trouble uploading to the CKMB gallery AND Scrapbookpictures dot com!! I've been shut down twice with them! The nerve. Hrummph. I'll take my business elsewhere. I'm really still deciding if I am going to create a book or just have the pictures printed and put it in the album I bought at Archivers last week. It's gonna be a Christmas present, so I have just a little time!!!!
Here are the last few:

The last one came out pretty much as I envisioned it. I saw that there were a couple of shots of her "crashed" and thought, that would make an interesting "last page." Don't cha think? I really did keep the layouts pretty simple. Wanted to showcase the pictures. Now I need to go back and pull some of the papers I used so I can make the covers and inside covers, you know, tie it all together?! Wish me luck! Who knows how long that will take!

Well, "bean" changed up her blog and it got me to thinkin 'bout doing the same. She is desperately hoping for "Fall Weather", but, like me here, it ain't gonna happen! We go from summer with temps at the 3 digit mark, directly to cold. Damp cold. Wet cold. Not that dry stuff that happens up north. Bone chilling, teeth chattering, can't wear enough layers, COLD. We go from "nearly naked" heat to "can't put enough on" cold. There is no in-between. Sure, we may get a day or two that are pleasant, but, it's just a tease. Yesirree Bob, no "white Christmas" for us! Hey, the last time that happened, "Katrina" came that following August!!! We are outside, in our shorts, deep frying Turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Even the Christmas Eve Bonfires are HOT!
Okay, time to dream about cooler weather. Crisp evenings. The "smell" of Fall, you know, leaves burning, tailgating, fireplaces burning. Roasting marshmallows, hot chocolate. Chocolate Chip cookies baking. Ahhhhhhh, there it is. Oh, shut up. If you don't believe me, then, GET OUT OF MY DREAM!!! LOL ;-)
Okay, time to go thru my digi stuff to create a new Blog. Yeah, my intention is to make you jealous! ;-) Have a good night. I have "Open House" at my ds's school tonight. Get to meet his teachers, again. joy. just what I want to be doing tonight. seriously. Blog ya later.................... {hopefully with a new style!}


Toni said...

So how did the open house go? Hope it went well. And man-o-day, the Disney layouts are AWESOME!!! And the Hundred Acre Wood...soooo cute! TFS.

Amanda said...

Love the blog background change. Thinking I might need to do the same on myspace. The pages from the Disney book look great. That will be a wonderful Christmas present. Maybe I should try to do my dd's Elmo book for Christmas. That would make her day!