Monday, September 29, 2008

I Should NOT have come home!!

Okay, let me clarify. My house was worse than when I left it! Seriously. I came home this afternoon, only to take my daughter to the doctor, then go fill Rx's then come home and eat my lunch, which was 4 o'clock in the afternoon!!! No dinner for me!!! My little "mini vacation" ended with as much drama as it started! Let me explain:
Thursday night, I had a volleyball game. We won 2 out of 3 games. yay. I actually think, I wound up with a concussion. seriously. During one of the games the team "captain" got in my way, or maybe the other way around???? But, anyhow, she "cold cocked" me right across my forehead and bridge of my nose! It was red and I had a knot! I still have a knot. size of a pea, across the top of my nose. I can't squeeze/wriggle my nose up without it hurting! Got home about 10 p.m. Now, I hadn't packed a thing yet! Hubby was working a detail at the airport and wasn't due home until after midnight. I watched E.R. and Lipstick Jungle!!! I still have "Grey's" to watch!! Sshhh. Don't wanna know.
Okay, Friday morning my sister called me. @ 7 or so. Let me set this up: Her hubby has only 1 job in the morning before leaving for work and that is, put the cat up in room and SHUT the DOOR! That's it. Sis gets up, let's out her dogs {2 doxies} and there they go, after the cat!!! Now, they are in the "computer room" behind the desk and the dogs have ahold of the cat! My sis is literally grabbing the dogs by their tails!! The cat, in her defense, was defending herself, bit my sister on the arm! Boy, wish I had a video camera on all that!!!!! She calls me, worried. Should she go to the ER? I told her, go wash it and put peroxide on it, I'll be there to assess in less than an hour. When I tell you, I literally THREW together a bag, that is what I did!! I guess we left about an hour later than I originally stated. I get to her house, look at her arm, decided we didn't need a trip to the ER, {thank God} and we'll just keep an eye on it thru out the day. Now, it did keep bleeding, but not a lot. Cut wasn't deep, she was just bruised. We stopped at Cracker Barrel and had breakfast. We arrived at our destination about 2 p.m. Room was ready, so we "unloaded."
Now, I won't give you "detail by detail" of the entire weekend, mostly cause I can't remember it all! LOL Saturday evening, went to Applebee's for drinks and appetizers, mostly drinks! Left there, stopped at store to get waters, diet cokes and beer and RUM!! Walked out of the store only to be stopped by 2 gentlemen who said, "Hellooooo Ladies! Helloooo Ladies with the alcohol!" ROTFL I then said in response, "If you're interested in LSU Tigers, then you're welcome to join us because that's what we're up to!" LOL They chuckled. We left. Alone. LOL That was fun! Told my hubby about that. He said, he wasn't surprised. And that's what we did, watched LSU whoop ass!! My brother in law a.k.a sister's husband, was at the game. We kept texting him!!! Too funny and I got too drunk!!! We had a blast!! We were really sad to leave this morning. :( We said that we will have to make this a "yearly" thing and next time, get our other sister to join us!! I'm going to post some pictures from the weekend. Nothing wild so, don't get your hopes up! Only because, we never thought to take any pictures!!!!!! I took a picture of a "lounge chair" made of sand. Seriously. I made a chair out of sand!! A couple of people commented. Good comments!! My sister's didn't come out as well. Water was very pretty. We saw a school of dolphins! I took pictures of some birds that were right next to us, feeding! The beach was pretty deserted. I liked that. No 'rugrats' running around. I definitely needed that!! I got some sun, but not burnt!!
All in all, it was a nice, relaxing weekend. Time to return to reality. Life in progress. Shucks.

Here are some more:

Top 2 are pictures are the water and my "chair" the one right above is my Sis! The water was so clear! The first couple of pictures are of the beach we were on, the Condo we stayed in and ME!! At least I have one!! There is a picture of me sitting in my "chair", but, you won't see it!! LOL
By the way, I finished a book over the weekend!! Woo Hoo. I finished it while sitting in my "chair." Just so you know, we did actually have REAL beach chairs, but we chose not to bring them down to the beach Sunday afternoon! We were just sitting on our towels on the beach, then I got the "big idea" to build one!!
Well, I have laundry in the wash. blog ya later....................


Miss Dana said...

OMGosh girl!!!!!! You have to invite me next time. LOL even thought I don't really drink. But I'll sure 'party'!!! ;-)
Just kidding with ya!
I'm glad you had a good time. I see you must be a HUGE LSU fan!!!! Ha ha!
They sure did kick some butt.
Anyway, hope to talk to you soon!

Toni said...

The "Big Idea." MAMBA! :D :D :D
I *love* the chair. Sister, you tapped into some creativity there. If I did that, I have no doubt I'd forget to build it far enough away from the shoreline. Not only would some big wave come and wash it away while I sunbathed, but it'd probably drop something lovely in my lap too, like a crab or jellyfish or something. I'm just smart AND lucky like that, lol. Glad you had a great time in spite of the rough start. Did I ever tell you 'bout the time I got a concussion trying to run to my crying baby in the middle of the night? Knocked myself cleeeeean out. And then went to a DCTalk and Audio Adrenaline live concert the next night. With a concussion. Swell!

lmerie said...

The chairs are great - and made it possible to have one less thing to lug across the beach and back :)

Glad you had a fun weekend!

kelliebean said...

Hmm...I say we call you "Bumpy" and your sis "Scratchy!" All things considered, it sounds like your weekend turned out great after all - you did all you set out to do! :)

LSU AND Texas won big this weekend - gotta love it!

Scrapthat said...

Cool! Looks beautiful!!