Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget!

I just want to take a moment to stop and reflect on the tragedy that took place exactly 7 years ago today. All my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who lost family, friends, work colleagues and loved ones. Please remain as strong as you can, continue to rely on support from your family and friends but most of all, remember Him. The Lord is always with you at your most darkest hour. Just call out to Him, He will be there.

Visited my friend, "Bean's Blog" and I am 'borrowing' these sites to place here.
Please visit, if you like, and "Never Forget" what brought our communities closer together.
911 Images and Bill Biggart's Final Exposure please go to the bottom of his post for more!


kelliebean said...

Today always puts everything back in perspective for me. I am blessed.

BTW, love your fall makeover. :)

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

What a fun site. Thanks for your comment on my post - loved it.

Miss Dana said...

First of all, I'm SOOOO glad you and your family are safe after 'Gustav'!!!!!! Looks like you guys had some fun while away from your town/city!! ;-)
Loved the pictures, by the way.
Thankfully you didn't get any major damage to your home......that's a 'plus'!!!
Secondly, I hope Ike isn't headed your way, though, I'm pretty sure it isn't! We might get some strong winds where I live, but nothing too least I hope. Ha ha!
We're not leaving our town, but have no school tomorrow! YAY!!!! But kinda not-so-good, because we then, would have to make it up!!! GRRRRRRRR! LOL oh well, it gives me one day off.
I know Britt and Matt are excited about that!!
Anyway, been sooo busy......sorry about that. And hey, still getting those pictures of Jehn ready to post.
Keep an eye out! :-)
TTYL and stay safe!!!!!