Friday, September 19, 2008

"Fair" Weather Friday or "Fall" is Over!!

Well, it's finally over. Fall. Yup. Only lasted 3 days at the most. Today and tomorrow, the muggies return. Along with rain. Very disappointed. It was so nice being outside and not sweating profusely! Humidity was really low, even though the temp got to 80! Now, 80 will feel like 180! Now, next weekend, it can be a little warm, for I am going to the Beach for a "mini vacation" with my sister! But for now, bring back the "cooler" weather!!
Okay. Had a volleyball game last night. First thing, we won 2 out of 3 games! yay. The gym SUCKED!!!! Big Time. They had 2 nets set up side by side and usually that is okay. But not this time. There are basketball goals hanging down. One could be "drawn" up out of the way, the other, broken. But that is not the best part. When we went to serve, we nearly had to stand up against the wall on one side or in the bleachers on the other!! Then you had people walking on the court!!! It is an air-conditioned gym, but, I would have rathered played at another playground without a.c. than there! and that was the consensus of the rest of my team members!! The only good thing that came out of the night was, I saw a friend of mine I hadn't seen/played ball with, in YEARS! It was so nice to see her!! I told my daughter who I saw and she said, "the FAMOUS ONE?" Let me clarify. When my children were about 4 and 8 and they met Ms. Rexanne, my daughter asked if she had a limo! No. Just a regular Toyota! You see. My friend is.a. no, not an actor, but a writer! She has written many "Romance" novels. Not the "cheesy" Harlequins {not that there is anything wrong with them. I've read a LOT}, but she writes, or used to, under St. Martin's Press. She writes "Historical Romance." I do have one book, "The Maiden Bride" which she has 'autographed' for me! "Where Magic Dwells" is another book that is "medevial" romance. Her books are different and she does LOTS of research to be as accurate as possible. I really think she, too, was born in the wrong era!
Visit this site here and read up on her. I think you just might be impressed! Oh, and her Volleyball skills? I didn't watch her play last night, but, she had them way back then, so I'm SURE she still does!! She is still, too funny!
Okay, gotta go. Haven't had my coffee yet or even a bite to eat! I'll catch ya later!

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kelliebean said...

Cool background! I love your haircut, too. I want to do that to least that's what I keep threatening to do. Actually , Delaney wants us to grow out our hair for "Locks of Love," so maybe in a year or 2 I'll follow through on my threats. :)

Hope your had an awesome girly weekend!!!