Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Did I have a busy morning! As you know, I've only had 2 chikens last week and this week. Well, yesterday I had an "issue" with one of them NOT sleeping. So, @ 10:30 this morning I took them to the park to play and run around. I then went thru Mickey D's drive thru and picked up lunch. We then went to the Bridge Park and had a "picnic" lunch. After, I let them play for about 20 mins more. Just returned home, changed them, then put them down. I'm tired! I could use a nap! LOL
I went and got my hair "chopped off" yesterday evening! Yup. Went back to what I had before. Almost. The front isn't as short. Look. Here is a picture of it now:

It used to be pretty much all one length, to the top of my shoulders. Now. Well. I can "kick it up" in the back. But the absolute best part: 5 minutes to do my hair in the morning!! Cannot complain about that! I do things like that: spur of the moment. That way, I can't back out! LOL I have this attitude about my hair: It's only hair. It will grow back!
I was busy last night. Created another layout. Look:

My son at one of the first swim meets of the season and the second one of he and his friend at the beach on vacation. One of the rare times they were actually in the water!
I joined a group on the CKMB called "Real Girls." It is a group where we post layouts and get "critiqued" on it. I'm actually looking forward to having my work criticized. I need to find a "style" and technique all my own. I try and keep things simple, but sometimes, I think they are too simple! Anyway, I want to get some actual scrapbooking done this weekend. You know, with scissors, adhesives, cardstock, embellies! All of it. I need to get my hands back on it. I have pictures that I printed of Ryan's swim meets along with his ribbons and such. Would love to create a book documenting his summer meets. We'll see. Now that I've stated it and "planned" it, it probably won't happen! Need to "build" walls around me and pretend I am isolated from everything! I'll let you know how it goes. Maybe I'll have some proof to show! LOL
Well, gonna go now. Just wanted to fill you in on my morning. Blog ya later.............

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elizabeth said...

cute pages!!

a 4 lb baby!! how precious is that!!!
love your blog!