Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Wicked" Wednesday!

In more ways than one! OMG, can you believe that Hurricane Gustav is brewing out in the water? The paths they are predicting. All we can think of is "Katrina." Friday will be the 3 yr anniversary of that storm! My DH will be stationed this time at the airport, so, that won't be too bad. I'm thinking if it is a Cat 3 on Sunday, I'm outta here!! Heading west. Look out "Bean", I may be coming your way, with 2 doxies!! ;-) Now, after that segue, DH called this morning regarding our new dog. All was going well, and we can pick her up after 4 today. I still find it odd that they aren't going to keep her at least one day after surgery! She'll get plenty of rest here! Can't wait to take pictures and post our newest addition. But on that note of posting, I have a 2 page layout to show. I have decided that I am going to make a book of these layouts for Lex. It is going to have just a few pages of her first trip to Disney. This particular layout took me a very long time to do! In fact, I actually virtually "ripped it" and started over. Gotta love Digi!! Glue never dries!! Here it is:

You should have seen what it looked like before! I tell ya, it's tough. I know that I will make final changes before I send it off to be printed. I appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. I do know, that I will continue to use the same line of product I am using to keep the colors similar. I'm gonna try anyway.
Well, you should see the weather here. It's hot, humid and sunny. Hard to believe that there is a storm coming. "Calm before the storm" they say. It sucks too, because it is a long weekend!!
I have Volleyball playoffs tonight. Wish me luck. I didn't get this far to lose!!! I plan on leaving a winner! hee hee hee Give you the results later. Gonna go and clean up the kitchen now. Hubby will be home after the kids get here, with the dog! Oh, I'm excited now. He said she is "timid." I laughed and said we'd better keep Riley away for a bit, cause she is not an "in your face" kinda dog like he is! Hopefully she will become acclimated to her new home soon. Blog ya later............


kelliebean said...

Y'all come on out - no hurricanes here! And you'd better bring those doxies! :)

We're keeping you all close in our prayers.

Renee Lamb said...

I keep watching that storm brewing...I hope it doesn't hit y'all - how scary! Good luck at V-ball tonight - my DH LOVES to play beach volleyball and played in some tournaments before so we are big fans! And IMO - i love those layouts. I have no expertise in digi but think you did a fabulous job with them!

Marfa said...

So cute. I love that "my date" font! Fabulous layout...your daughter will treasure that forever!