Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where Did Monday Go?

OMGoodness! Did Monday just miss me? What did I do? Was I productive? I hope so! ;) Hmmm, let me see, just what happened yesterday? Started a Vacation, YAY!! Okay, I had 1 child, but hey, she is "toteable." Ooh, wait. I had a dental appointment. Boo. I need to have a root canal. I've never had a root canal! I went for a cleaning, then told the girl at the front desk to send info to insurance company so I'll know what my charge will be! NOT looking forward to that! Oh! Went swimming at my dad's yesterday. Here are a few pics:

It was overcast a bit, for, bands from "Eduardo" were around us. It never rained! Once. At. All. Hmm. Surprised. Usually, when I have plans, something always messes it up! Planning on going again tomorrow. Should be sunny all day! I'll let ya know!

When I got home, we had dinner. But for the life of me, can't remember what it was! Gee, what is the matter with my brain? OH! I put a roast in the crock pot @ 8 a.m. It cooked all day. It was fork tender. Cooked some rice and veggie, VOILA`, dinner served! Today, we are having Gumbo. Again, thru it in the crockpot, frozen! DH and DD are enjoying it now! It smells really good. Sausage, chicken, okra. Big Whiff. I've installed a "scratch-n-sniff" strip! hee hee hee. Sorry. Picked out a few recipes to cook this week. A Lasagna and an Enchilada Casserole. All done in the crockpot. Been utilizing that little wonder! No heat in the house.

Anyway, back to last night. I worked on the "OIC" challenge for this week. Had to use a black background and incorporate color. This is my interpretation:

This is my mother on her wedding day. My Aunt {center, right} was one of her Bridesmaids. Don't know who the other person is. I chose the blue to pull from their dresses, and the pink from my grandmother's dress. The "July 1965" is in white, to represent Bride's Dress! It is simply done. I really need to start "cranking out" more layouts in a quicker fashion!

Here is an update on the baby birds:

There are 2 baby birds. I bet by the weekend, they'll be gone. They are a dark, fuzzy gray. Not very cute. {thought there were 2, but, I think there are 3!}
Today, I ran some errands. Went to the grocery. Dropped DD off at salon to get her hair done. As usual, she isn't happy! I'm tired of this "merry-go-round." I want off! Of course, it isn't what she wanted. I like it. Her friends she saw today at school liked it. We went to get her books and ID picture. Were there a little under an hour. Not too bad. Gonna try and remember "Happy Hour" tonite on CKMB. 7 - 9 p.m. my time. That's a good time. Well, gonna go and eat and clean the kitchen so I'll be ready for "HH." Have a good night. Blog ya later...........................


kelliebean said...

Aww! Those babies (the birds, I mean!) are so ugly they're downright cute!!! :)

I always forget about happy hour. Darn kids don't let me do ANYTHING! heehee!

Hey, happy news on my blog today - come over...and bring coffee!

DebbieB said...

Hey V! Cool site! Say, you need a root canal? I have an info site about it here: http://www.root-canal-info.com

Don't worry about it, it's just like getting a cavity filled. Things have come a loooonng way.