Thursday, August 7, 2008

UPDATE!! since last post {see at bottom of post}

What a Thursday! Started off by making sure DH got up for work. Arrggh! Slept in until the phone rang at 8:30. Started cooking some chicken thighs for a dish for dinner. Explain later. Picked up DD at friend's then we had plans to go eat lunch then go to the scrapbook store so that I could use my gift certificate my friend gave me for my birthday in June. Well, my sister called and asked if I could bring my daughter in @ 2, so that she can fix her hair. Geesh, can't even get an uninterrupted day off! Fine, I said. We went to "Sake" restaurant for sushi. Very good. Then we headed over to the scrapbook store. I wondered around, twice! You see, I really don't need anything. I ended up getting a "Simple Scrapbooks" magazine, Jan/Feb '08 and a stitch kit and needles and thread. Look:
After reading Joscie's blog last week and having this as a "lesson" , I thought, what the heck! Now, I actually need to use it on a layout! Hee hee.

I made "Enchilada Casserole" for dinner, using the crockpot. Simple recipe, but I didn't have any "pre-cooked" chicken, so.....

DD and I had some and it actually is pretty good! Would have tasted better if I remembered the sour cream! Geesh. It's hell when you get old. They say your memory is the first thing that goes! Ha ha ha. Here is a pic of the dish:

Doesn't look very appetizing, does it? But, let me tell you, it really DID!!!

Here's another update on the birds. As I was sitting here, updating blog, I glanced up and saw the babies fluttering their wings. I thought, "OH NO! They're trying to leave all ready!" Grabbed camera to try and "document" moment. Mama was sitting at roof's edge, watching. Or, so I thought. She was actually waiting to feed them! But wait... one of them is "hopping" around the nest, as if to actually, fly away! I hope I can get this, but, usually, they leave at night, when no one is around. Safety thing I guess. I have some pictures:
Here is the Mama, waiting.All 3 are in the nest. They're on to me! Oh well. I'll try again. Maybe I'll get lucky!

Gotta go to my game. Catch you guys later...........................

UPDATE: THE BIRDS HAVE FLOWN THE NEST!! I missed it. They did it while I was gone. How dare they?! Do you think my kids will do the same thing when it's time for them to go?????? hee hee hee hee hee Aw, I'm just kidding. Maybe a little! LOL Here is a picture of the empty nest:
Really not much of a nest! Just a few twigs. I think this plant will make it too! Have a good night. Blog ya later.................


Miss Dana said...

OMG.......girl, I still think those things are cute.
& Yummy, that dish looks grrrreeeeaaaattttt!!!!!! Gonna have to try what you do for dinner, since schools back and I'm gonna be busy.
Oh and by the way, Jehn's doing great. Getting so big. Amazing how time just flies....literally!
Well, gonna go post a blog.
I'll talk to you soon.

kelliebean said...'re an empty-nester!

At my parents' old house, every year the doves would roost in their tree. My dad was out there almost daily with his camera, doing the same thing you've been doing with "your" doves. Love it!

jessicamae3 said...

Hi Veronica, Thanks for visiting my blog! I am so excited you are able to create your own! I picked up some tim holtz ink today I am going to ink her up and see if I love it! Which I think I will!
The clips I got at target, but they were expensive. I used some clips and some paper clips! I hear IKEA has them cheap for 24 of them! I cant wait to see what you do, check back this weekend, I am going to ink the base soon!
I love your picture of the bird and its nest, awesome!!!!