Sunday, August 24, 2008

Well.! I played 5 hours of Volleyball! But guess what? It's all me. Seriously. We won first place!!! Again. I rock. I channeled Treanor/Walsh. Truly. I'll admit, I was "off" the first game. Couldn't get it "together." Played in the gym I play in on Wednesday nights, but, this time, there were 2 nets, side by side! Kinda "freaked" me out. Couldn't straighten up and get the lines right. We did win the first game, but how we did it? Who knows. We paid $10 to play, and we won it back!! 3 of the girls playing, I've played with before, so it was pretty easy. I knew how they played. I was subbing for another girl today! Told her she out out! I have replaced her! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! It was tough getting started, for it was 9 a.m.!!!!! finished up at 2:30 p.m. Stopped at Starbucks and got that coffee I couldn't get this morning!! We did get a break for lunch, so a few of us went to Subway, grabbed sandwiches and went back to the gym to eat. Was able to digest food before playing.
Today, the weather is "CRAPPY!" Tropical Depression "Fay" is leaving her mark. We are under a "Flood Watch" until Tuesday!!!!!! It has been raining steadily ALL DAY! I came home, bathed and put my "ja-ja's" on!
Yesterday, I was able to get a haircut. I started with a small headache, but by the end of the afternoon, it was a "full-blown" Migraine! I went to church, drank a coffee and thankfully, the service was pretty mild! Phil didn't speak, Crispin did. He always references food, but this time he didn't! Got home and took MORE Excedrin Migraine, but it didn't work. Ended up in bed at 9, hoping I wouldn't wake up this morning still with it! I didn't. Thank goodness! My DH comes into the room and asks, "What ya doin?" I said, "going to sleep, don't feel well." He's like, it's 9 o'clock on a Saturday night! Oh well. He cooked dinner tonight. I laid down for a nap. Yeah, right. I had the television on, but it was too loud. Didn't bother turning it down. Was down for about 2 hrs!
Anyway, that was the extent of my weekend. I'm going to go eat. It's fried chicken, corn on the cob and, not sure what else! Catch you guys later...............

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