Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday, Part Deux

Just had to post again. DH comes in the door and tells me, the Momma bird must be off getting "dinner" cause she wasn't there, only the babies. Well, guess what? There are only 2! Take a look!

They're pretty big! I bet by the weekend, they'll be gone. They're not fuzzy looking and it's only been a few days since last pics were taken! WoW, can't believe how big they got all ready. You'd think they were in Texas instead of Louisiana! LOL Cause, you know everything in Texas is BIG!! Only kidding "Bean!"

Catch you guys later..............


kelliebean said...

Bigger n better! ;)

Kristin said...

Those birds are so cute! As soon as I finish adding embelishments and cheat (just a little) I will post my Stacey project. Other than that I got very little scrapbooking done for a convention, lol.

Miss Dana said...

I think the lil' birdies are too cute!!!!! LOL I do, honsetly.
Hey, since I live in Texas, would love those things to fly by MY house........they look really cute.
Well, hate to metion it, but I started school yesterday! Uuugggghhhh!!! But it was a good 'first day' back. Let's just wait til the students start on Tuesday.....
Anyway, hope ya are doing well.