Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Synopsis of 1st Day at School

Well, thankfully, it wasn't raining when they left this a.m. and when they returned. It was nice and quiet. No rummaging thru the pantry asking, "what we got to eat?" or 3 random bowls left in ds's room that used to hold cereal! No, "I'm bored, what can I do?" How about, umm, let's see, CLEAN YOUR ROOM, DO YOUR LAUNDRY! No. Don't want to do that. But all in all, I had a pretty good day!!

Oh.... you want to know about my kids!!? I thought it was all about me!! Well, they had a good day to! DD has homework!! On the first day!! Good for her! ;-)

Hey, my dinner came out wonderfully! DH liked it a lot! Very tasty. You want to see what it looked like? Do you? Really? Okay, but let me warn you, it smelled and tasted really, really good! Here it is:The steak actually fell apart!! Mashed potatoes were loaded with butter and cheese. Had to come up with veggies, so, I pulled a bag of broccoli and cauliflower in one of those "Steam Fresh" bags. They are actually pretty good! Perfect size for my DH and me. Now, what is on the menu for tomorrow????? I truly do not have a clue. I have some boneless chicken breasts. I may just actually grill them. Hmmm, wait. DH is working a detail tomorrow night, so, it just might be Hot Dogs and Chili night. Been a very long time since we had that. No buns though. Have to get some. Think I might get french bread instead. Okay. It's settled. Hot Dogs and Chili tomorrow night for dinner. We'll eat about 6. I'll set you a place! ;-)
Watching the Olympic Games. Swimming. 200 MM Men's Breaststroke. Michael's done for the night. 10 GOLD MEDALS!! What a feat. I am so stoked! Okay. No more "spoilers" in case someone stops by!
Speaking of sports! Won all 3 games tonight! WooHoo. We still have a chance to make the playoffs. I won't be there for next week's game. I have Bonco that week. The following week is playoffs. They'll send me an email if we are in the top 4 teams. Like I said, we still have a chance. Okay. Gonna go to bed and watch a little more of swimming. Women's 100 MM Free Medley is next. Have a good night. Blog ya later...

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