Saturday, August 9, 2008

Super Saturday!!

Wow! The Olympics started this morning and what a morning to start! I got to watch USA and Japan Women's Volleyball. Very exciting and intense! Soooooo brought back memories of a trip to Baton Rouge in 1983. My HS Volleyball team got to watch these 2 teams play an "exhibition" game!! Now, I know, it wasn't the same girls! I may be old, but I'm not dumb!!!! I told my son, "That's how I want to play when I grow up!" He just laughed. Actually, I think I am going to take a break from my Wednesday nite league because, well, it just isn't "challenging" enough. Especially when I play on Thursdays!! Now THAT gets my adrenaline pumping!! I know I'm better than the Wednesday league. Too competitive for that night! Sorry. But. It's. True!!!

Anyway. I finally made it to Hobby Lobby today!! Yay! Left DH off at Academy Sports while I was next door. WOWZIE!! I think I was in there an hour! I brought a coupon for 40% off and bought the BIA!!! Hey, when you can save $24, can you blame me? I bought a couple of other items like, Cutterpede "Scorer" blade and the cutting track. One I have now is worn. Bought some clear Vellum to print on and place on SB LO's. {yeah, right ;) } I bought a large wooden "E" to decorate for my dd. I'm gonna start that later tonight and hopefully finish tomorrow. I bought some brads that were 40% off, $1.50/pk. They're cute. Well, see for yourself. Here is a picture of the "goodies" I bought today:
Isn't that just wonderful?? They had a case to put the BIA in, but it was $30! I'll wait until the next time I go. With a coupon of course!

My dd has a friend over along with BOTH boyfriends! 8-o They are watching movies. The boys are to be gone by 10 p.m. 40 more minutes from now! Whew. Not ready for this!!!

I've been in my room, with door open of course! working on a digi layout. I haven't done one in so long, I actually had to get my dd's laptop and play Jessica's video again just to refresh my memory!!! I did kinda teach myself something new! I do not know how to get the pictures from my Adobe file to PSE! Well, I copied it, and in PSE opened it from "clipboard!" Who knew? Certainly not me! I'm sure there is a better way, but for now, this works. I really need to sit down and sort thru all of them again! I am soooooo not organized in PSE. Anyway, here is my result:

What do you think? I used my own paper I downloaded from Scrapbook Flair and the rest, from Jessica's classes. I just haven't had the time to fool with it lately. Maybe once the kids get back in school? Actually, I would like to do some actual scrapping. I need to take some pictures. I'm gonna need pictures when I go to the big Scrap Retreat in January!!! Ooh I can't wait!!

Well, gotta go now. Have bills to pay, checkbook to balance, boys to get out of my house!!!! ha ha ha ha ha. Have a great weekend. I'll Blog ya later................

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kelliebean said...

OMGosh! I love your new toys! Can I come over to play? :)