Saturday, August 23, 2008

Super, Duper Saturday?

Who knows? It could be! It is just about 9 and I already have ribs in the crockpot. DH is playing Golf in a tournament later this morning. DS hasn't returned home yet. Should have been here 'bout 8:30 or so! Hmmm, wonder what's going on there? DD is still sleeping. Nothing new. She does have to get up soon for she has to go to her dance studio for 10 a.m. Her teacher called yesterday. Wants to hold a class for about an hour, to show them how to teach the "babies" tap. Not the actual dance steps themselves, but classroom instruction. My dd will be teaching/helping on Tues and Thurs, with her own class on Wednesday. After this class, I am taking her to my sister to have her hair done. They only put a "semi-permanent" color in the last time, to make sure she likes it!! Now, they will put Permanent. I am scheduled to go in while she is in class, for a "Deep Moisturizing" treatment. Since I've started using a flat iron, I have started drying out my hair!! My hair is my greatest assest! Seriously. That is probably the only thing I like about me. Right now. Anyway, could use a little trim as well. We'll see if there is time.

I stayed up last night until 12:30 a.m.! I was working on 2 Digi layouts. On one, I was trying to "re-color" it, but everytime I tried to move it onto my page, the color got "left behind!" I was really frustrated. Do you know, I spent an hour on it! Then I pulled out my "cheat sheets." Well, I still couldn't do it! I was missing a step. Turns out, I wasn't "flattening" my image! Duh. I knew that. Anyway, here is the one that was giving me trouble. When I saw the picture, I had an idea of what I wanted this picture to portray. Hopefully when you see it, you'll see what I mean. Okay. Here. it. is. be nice.

Do you see it? I made it Sepia toned, and only colored in her bright, blue eyes! They really are that blue! She was on a playground, looking thru the "trunk" of a tree. Her dad caught this.

Okay, the next one is also of her. It is a fun one. I think she was on the teacups!

What do you think? Fun right? She is so full of energy. It's a shame it took her so long to warm up. I plan on a layout of her in her "cinderella" dress with the other "princesses." I will make a little book for her. I think it just might be a "hard cover" one from Shutterfly. I like them. Never did anything like that from them, but I'll try!
Okay, gotta go take a quick shower. Blog you guys later..............

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kelliebean said...

Girl, you are rockin the digi! I'm gonna have to take lessons from you. :) I think my favorite LO of all, though, is the green and black one you posted on Friday. Nice stuff!

Happy Sunday!