Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunny Sunday!

Well, take a look at this picture:

Now, let me tell you the story behind it! OMG, I feel terrible, but thank goodness she came home! My DH last week, washed the house down. All but the front porch. Reason being, this Dove was nesting! Thank you honey!!!! Today, he wanted to finish the rest of the house. He said, "Now or never and never is NOT an option!" I moved everything off the porch. I had planned to move the plant w/the nest over to the tree in our garden. I was scared! Tippi Hendron came to mind! :-O So, I shooed her away. She was not happy! Neither was I. There were 3 little baby birds in the nest. They were fuzzy, gray things! Really not the cutest. DH finished quickly. Only took about 15 mins. Again, thank you honey!! I brought back the plant with the nest. I hung the other one. Went inside. Who am I kidding? I was scared she was going to get me! She sat on my neighbor's roof, watching, lurking, in "attack" mode. Can you blame her? Hey, I've done the same thing over my kids. She is now back "home." I snapped the picture after she made sure they were safe. Whew! I hope I can sleep tonight, peacefully.

Okay. Last afternoon, went to a surprise birthday party. OMG! What a "blast from the past!" I saw the children of this family with THEIR children! I'm not getting older, I'm not getting older. Karen was surprised when she pulled up. She saw few people outside, but it wasn't until she turned the corner and she saw the rest!!! I tell ya. There must have been 100 people! 80 of them her family! LOL She was surprised. But not as surprised when her son came out the door! He lives in Kentucky. She just was up there a month ago. They are expecting their 3rd daughter!! Randy, a dad. What was God thinking? LOL You have to know him to understand! He had children so he would have someone to play with! He is too funny. Love him!

It's a small world. Met people, new people. Saw people there that we couldn't figure out the connection to the birthday girl and her family. It was then explained. All in all, it was a nice time. Came home about 7:30. Then I decided to cut the grass! It was cool enough, humidity was down, so.... figured I'd get it out the way. DH used the weedeater this morning. That is one piece of equipment I cannot use!! Don't know why, just can't! Oh well, guess I need him around for some reason! LOL

Think I'm gonna catch a matinee with my sister later today. We haven't been to the movies in a long while. Too hot to go to my dad's and go swimming. Don't ask. No reason. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Blog ya later...................

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kelliebean said...

You and and grasshoppers. Further evidence of our parallel theory? Oh, yeah, I think so. :D