Thursday, August 14, 2008

Please Bear With Me!!

I am trying to be a "technie", a "techie" OH, "Technology Savvy!" I am trying to create my own background for this blog. So, if you visit once and it's one way and you visit again? it may be something totally different!! I'm self taught, pretty much, with computers. I did take 2 Jessica Sprague classes, so I could learn Photoshop and I did! Now, I'm going from there, along with help from "Blogger Buster" and "Cutest Blog on the Block." I am literally "spread" out all over the place!! Notepad, pens, browers all open and exposed! I feel so, so, violated!! LOL
So, any of you out there in "Bloggerland" have any tips/advice/asylum recommendations, PLEASE leave them in my Comment Section!! Have a great day and "I'll be back!" {in my best Arnold voice}


kelliebean said...

Hey! It looks great!

Please, you need asylum recommendations??? I thought we'd already been over that, but if you need someplace new and don't mind the under-18 inmates running the place, come on over. I've got coffee...and chocolate. :)

lauracub said...

I love the new blog.Youur doing a good job. I like the clock on the side. Your dinner looked good. I never used a crock pot have it but never used it. Enjoy your chile I was thinking of that myself but the family has other ideas. Have a good night.

Miss Dana said...

Girl, you have got such great talent!!!! Needa let you work on MY blog. LOL I'm kidding, your way busy and don't need to bug you! And I certainly don't wanna do that. ;-)
Glad son likes new school. If he doesn't right now, its probably b/c the first week is always so boring. Ya know, talking about rules and rules for the classroom, and etc. But it'll get way better. Wish him luck!!!
OMGosh, that dinner looked awesome!!!!!! Would have loved to come down from Texas, and eat with you guys. LOL I'm glad you all liked/enjoyed it!
TGIF! YAY!!! Boy, don't ya just love Fridays!
I know you do.
Anyway, I'll ttysoon.
Have a GREAT Friday!!