Monday, August 25, 2008! I feel like I did a million lunges and squats! I am so sore. I need to go to the gym and stretch it out so when I play again Wednesday night, I won't feel so bad.
Today, I kinda took it easy. Only had 3 "chikens" here and it was very dreary, cloudy and overcast. "Fay" still left some residual rain. I did manage to create 2 digi layouts.
Take a look
The one right above are 2 of my "chikens." The one on the right, left me a while back, but both of them are in the same class in the PK3 program! They are only 6 weeks apart!
Well, on another note: we are getting another dachshund! I know, I know. I must be crazy! My dh happens to pass the shelter every day on his way to work and something caught his eye. He went in and spoke to the ladies in there. She was brought in and was waiting a week to see if she was claimed. She hasn't, so we are going to adopt her. Seems to be about 2 yrs old and about the same size as Riley. I'm not worried about how Riley will be, but I am a little concerned about her. I'm spoiled. What can I say? Riley is a very good dog. If I could "clone" him, I would! He is that good. Kinda like kids, if you would have had the 2nd one first, it would have been your only one!! Get what I'm saying? I hope I'm wrong and things will go okay, but, I'm not setting the bar high so I only have "Up" to go!!!
Waiting on my last "chiken" to leave so I can get to the pet store and get another bed or even a bigger one. I'll decide what I'm going to do when I get there! You guys have a good night. I hope to be back in time for "Happy Hour" which begins at 8 p.m my time! I should be. I'm outta here. Blog ya later..................


luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

I so understand your worries, and am living them now! But being the middle child always compared to sisters, I try to not compare new puppy to our late dog who was an angel! Good luck and post pictures when your new arrival joins you!

kelliebean said...

Oh, I am jealous! 2 weenie dogs are twice the fun...if you're up for it. :) Please, please post pics of those babies for me - I miss having dachies.

Volleyball, workouts, watching chikens, being wife and mom, digi question:
Where DO you find the time (does LA have 30-hour days or something?)?!