Monday, August 11, 2008

Mournful Monday!

Okay, I say this because, today was my last day with Lex by herself! Last week when I was on "vacation" I kept her Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Was off today because I had to take my ds to school to get his schedule, books, locker, etc. Lex stayed with my dd while I did that. When I returned, she and I went to pick up my sister and we went to lunch. It was so funny! After, we went to Walmart to do some shopping. OMG! Called Lex's mom and asked her to remind me NOT to take Lex to WM again. Actually, anywhere! It's not that she's bad, she isn't. She is such a "social butterfly!" A woman commented on her shoes, saying how it looked like she was going to the beach. Well. That started it. Seriously. The conversation between those two lasted 15 minutes! I am NOT exaggerating! My sister kept going to different aisles and returning to put the items in the basket! I so was laughing hard!! It was a very polite conversation. Hard to believe she is 3 and a 1/2!! Her "phase in" day is Friday. So, Thursday will be her last day with me! Excuse me. Have to get a tissue. Hell, the whole box!! I've had this child since she was 7wks old! 3 and 1/2 yrs! and now she is being "ripped" away from me? Why? She is one "chiken" I actually like! Love. My sister is going to miss her. Her mom tells me I'll get her on the days she doesn't have school and the holidays, but, really, is that going to be enough? This is what makes it so hard to quit doing what I'm doing. These darn kids! They tug at your heartstrings so dang hard! For 10 years, I've opened my home and heart. When they leave me, a part of me goes also.

Okay, enough boo hooin'. It STORMED today! I got drenched twice! My ds called me to say the power went out and yes, I paid the bill!! LOL Gee, you forget one time and they NEVER let you forget! Hey, I can hardly remember the DAY, much less the DATE!! Anyway, storm. I was driving. Couldn't see. Wipers on. Not fast enough. Only going 15 mph in a 40 zone. Crazy. Can't believe I didn't have my camera with me. Not that I would have been able to take a picture! Too scared to take white knuckled hands off the steering wheel!!

Well, have to go to sleep now. Get to start very early tomorrow morning! Lucky me. On the tail end, let me post a digi layout I did of my sis and Lex. {wiping tears}

Blog you guys later..................

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Pamela said...

Love the LO!!! Can you believe that I still haven't finished my JS class stuff...I'm horrible...I really need to get on that. You make me want to go back to it.