Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm still here. Gassed up, packing, doing laundry, cleaning my house! Plan on leaving tomorrow morning about 4 am. Want to beat the "Contra-Flow." Went out and bought a GPS at Sam's. THE last Garmin!!! Just in case I get "pushed" in a direction I don't want to be in, I want to be able to get to destination.
We still have a day and a half before landfall. Listening to one of the meteorologist's reports and watching the many "scenarios" of where landfall will be. On that note, you should see my daughter! Thank God I'm the calm one. She has pretty much, emptied her room and packed it all up! She is being very paranoid. Crazy. I'm not worried about water or "storm surge", for, we're okay. It's the winds, rain, loss of power. If we would have bought the generator when we spoke about it, I'd be staying put! My sister would be welcome to come and stay. We are on high ground.
Okay, have to get back to work. I'll give you guys an update tonight.

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kelliebean said...

Good to know you're on high ground there, but that you have an escape plan, too! Latest reports seem to indicate that you're doing the right thing, getting out of there. I'll be waiting for your updates. Drive carefully!