Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Evacuation

Hey Guys! I'm here in Memphis, at the LaQuinta on Primacy. More of a business district. Arrived @ 1p.m. after leaving home @ 3 a.m.! Traffic wasn't too bad, contra flow worked well. I think the officials learned their lesson after "Ivan" and "katrina" for they began "Mandatory" evacuations a day earlier than Katrina. Just got back from eating dinner. BBQ of course! I took some pictures of our ride up. I'll have to post later. Been in contact with my husband. So far, so good. Some rain bands have come thru. He is leaving the airport and heading to the grain elevator to "ride out" the storm. Thankfully, most, if not a lot left! There are only "few" people left who decided to stay.
I'm tired. I'm watching Andersen Cooper on CNN. He was here for Katrina. He is here for Gustav. I hope to get some sleep. Didn't sleep but maybe 2 hours last night, before I left home. I'll be watching most of the night, I'm sure.
I'll return tomorrow with news. Hopefully not tragic. Night guys. Thanks for all the prayers.


kelliebean said...

So glad you made it okay! I was in the middle of answering a ckmb post about you when I hopped over here to see if you'd updated. :) Hope you get some good rest.

luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

Been watching CNN and wondering if you got to TN, get some sleep and you will stay in our thoughts and prayers!

joscelyne cutchens said...

I've been thinking about you today too! I hope all goes well. (hugs)

Stephanie said...

Glad to hear your OK, keep us updated when you can great gal! Saying prayers for all.