Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hi guys! Sorry I've been away a couple of days. It's a busy week.
Last night I had Bonco Night. We were all at one of our players' new house! I've been there before, but the others had not. Didn't win... had fun! Ate, drank, ate, dessert was involved! Yummy. It was called, "Better than Sex" cake. Chocolate of course!! Lots of condensed milk. {okay, take that lap now} I returned home about 10 p.m.
Tonight we have "Open House" at the high school my daughter attends. We didn't go last year, some scheduling issue, so, we are going tonight. She doesn't want us to go. We will go thru all her classess, meeting her teachers and such. I really want to meet her Geometry teacher. DD says he's "pyscho." He doesn't "teach" he reads from the book! A few of them went to the principal and talked about him. He listened and said, "It's only been a week. Let's wait a couple weeks and if ya'll still feel that way, we'll see about correcting it." The principal is a fair guy. He actually was principal at my dd's jr. high the 2 years she was there. When she left and was headed to highschool, he announced he accepted the position of principal there. The kids erupted in applause! They were excited. I only wish he would still be at the jr high now that my son is there!! We'll see how tonight goes.
I am cooking Lasagna in the crockpot for tonight's dinner. I've changed it up since I made it the last time. Added Italian Sausage and seasoned it better. DD should not be complaining! Plan on doing some ribs for tomorrow.
I cleaned up some of my scrapbook mess I had across the kitchen table for the last 2 weeks! I still have a project I am working on. Hope to finish by the weekend. I'll post when complete.
Well, that's about it. Nothing really exciting going on right now. Blog you guys later....


kelliebean said...

YES! Go to open house! You know, every open house we had, my students (for the most part) were very proud to show their parents around...and show them off. I loved open house night, even though it made for a very long day! Hopefully her geometry class will improve - it is just the beginning of the year and, let's face it, it's GEOMETRY (ug - my least favorite math). ;)

Have a fun - albeit not exciting - day!!!

Miss Dana said...

Open House!!!! Yay! LOL those are fun, well mine are anyway. Britt doesn't want me to go to anything at her school either..........but I do. ;-) I'm a teacher so I feel everything is important! Poor Britt & Matt......they have a teacher as a mother. Ha ha!
But hopefully the class gets better for her. Keep us posted on that, Verconica.
Been busy for me lately. Jehn was sick and hated to leave her. That really was hard since I'm back in school now, ya know?!
But hope she gets better soon......crossing my fingers.
Anyway, hope you had a great day!!!
TTYSoon or possibly later!