Friday, August 15, 2008

Here is what my "Easy" day consisted of {besides the 5 chikens!!} LOL:

I really am rusty. I am not being "creative" enough. I need to just let loose!! Gotta keep practicing. I'm forgetting how to do so much!! It's hell when you get old! I blame the "chikens." I mean really. They are 2 yrs old and under!!!!!! Can you blame me? Hee hee hee. The layouts are 8x8 so, hopefully, I'll print them and not leave them on the computer, lost!! Okay. Gonna go. Might be back later. Might not. I've got a "Challenge" to start. Have to do a "Non-sport" Olympic themed layout or card!!! Hmmm, gotta think on this one!! I do have some swim pics of ds, but, hey, that's a sport in the Olympics. We can use uniforms, Swirl banner in the Water cube, countries flags, as inspiration for our colors on the layout. This will be a challenge. Oh, did I mention? Use all SCRAPS!!! Okay, we can use 1 page of paper, as a background! Gotta get to thinking!! Blog you guys later..................


Stephanie said...

Love your blogs template Veronica! It looks like your getting blogger down pat:)

Miss Dana said...

Oh, thanks Veronica!!!!!!
Now I'm gonna want to change up my blog! Aaaarrrrrggggg!
LOL but hey, my blog design is boring, right? So I needa change it.
Now here's a warning: Might not come out as great as yours. Cuz you def. know how to desgin/decorate things!!! :-)
Should post a blog, then work on it. Have some time on my hands since Jehn is alseep.
She's beenn sleeping about an hour...yay! She woke up early this morning, so she needs the rest.
Anyway, I'll ttysoon.
Let me know how your weekend goes!