Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good morning! I am so stoked! Misty May-Treanor and Walsh DID IT AGAIN!!!!! I came home from my own volleyball game to watch these lovely, divine, extremely talented ladies take the GOLD, AGAIN!!! Just how awesome is that? While playing my game, we were discussing them. Well, we must have "channeled" some of their talent, because we won AND made the playoffs next week! I tell ya, it's all me!! LOL The last few teams I've been on, we have won!! Luck? Fate? Chance? Nah, pure talent on my part! All talent! What? You don't believe me? Ask my hubby. He'll tell ya I was definitely on my "A" GAME last night! Seriously. Jackie, whom I've played with before and WON, played on other team. She went down, stayed there, called out "I got it", hit it over to our side, we set it up, Suzy Q set me and I just pounded over to where Jackie was still sitting! That's how fast it all happened! I "Aced" it! Didn't even feel bad about it. I went over to her to help her up. Ask her if she needed help to remove the sand! LOL She asked, "I just wanna know, May & Walsh have nothin' on me, right?" We just laughed it off. Oh. by. the. way. We play on a court, not sand! I'm telling you, all us ladies have a blast playing on Wednesday nights!! Too bad I'm taking a break. Yup. I was asked to play on the Thursday night league by the team who happened to win because of me, and they really play hard! Wednesdays really aren't as "challenging" as I would like and my dh and I put together a mixed team to play on Fridays, so, I needed to cut out a night. It won't be easy taking a break and I'm already getting flack from others, but I need to draw the line.

So anyway, we went into last night's games in 5th place. They only take the first 4 teams for playoffs. We only needed to win 1 to get in, but we won all 3, really "sealing it in." I will let you know how it turns out.

Okay, "Open House" took place last night at my dd's high school. Went to her 1st block class, Biology. Met her teacher. Very nice. Explained how she runs her class. No problems there. Even met my dd's boyfriend's Mom! She is a teacher at another school! Okay, instead of going to her 2nd block class, Art, we went directly to her "problem" class, Geometry. Turned out to be a good time, because normally he has 2nd block free, so we were the only parents there. Got his "backstory." He used to be in the "Ministry." Kinda reminded me of a Jesuit Brother. Very nice man. Used to teach British English and Math during summer school. He is from way up North. My dd's complaint was he didn't "teach" he more or less, "lectured." Now, THAT is a problem. Math is a very "visual" subject. He did say, he needed to "come down to their level." He was used to teaching Seniors. He came to that realization when he had them do a project and only 3 out of 80 students turned it in! So we'll see what happens over the next couple weeks. Saw the Principal on my way out. Told him that I understand my dd and a few of her friends in the class, spoke to him about the teacher. He listened to them. Told them to give it another week and if there was still a problem, we'll fix it. He then went to "Education Specialist" {?} and asked her to kinda "drop in" on his class at different times to "observe" his technique. I told him I appreciate it. I'm not one of those parents who feel all teachers are wrong and I do understand there needs to be that "connection" between teacher and student. I feel my dd's situation is, she didn't realize he was in "Ministry" before. They just thought he wore this "funny looking collar" because he was "weird." Kids. She did tell me, the last couple of days were better. They don't know the Principal asked that the teacher be "watched." And I don't think it even happened yet, for this was 2 days ago!

We left without seeing her "World Geography" teacher, because I had to get to my game. I accomplished what I set out to do!

Okay, what else? Oh. I finished my dd's letter "E" I was altering. Here it is:

It is pretty simple. She picked the paper from my stash. I then embellished with different items, then had this flower ribbon to go around the outer edges with. We will put it on her PURPLE wall sometime this weekend!

I also completed #5 OIC titled, "Olympic-sized Challenge." We had to use only scraps, with 1 sheet of patterned paper allowed. I had this paper in a "goody bag" when I went on the Beach Retreat last year. It was 2 sided, the other side being "stripes." I had these 2 pictures of my kids from the year 2000, so I used it. What do you think? Kind of a different approach for me. Not sure if I really like it. But, that is what this "challenge group" is all about, getting outside the box, outside your comfort zone, trying things you normally wouldn't do. It scares me, I'll be honest. Altering that "E" was new and different for me! Paper is kinda "Loud" don't ya think? I cut additional circles from scraps to frame the photos and put on the page. I would have never bought this paper! But, I couldn't just throw it out either! LOL I do not have a title, just a little journaling block. My kids were so young! Had to come up with something for that age. So the journaling reads: "when once upon a time, catching the Brass Ring wasn't a dream, it was a GOAL!" Remember when you were kids and you rode that carousel and tried to just touch the brass ring? The innocence of it all. Sometimes I wish I could just go back, even if it is just a short visit! Anyhow, the LO is reminiscent of the "Olympic Rings." So, that is what I went on. Next challenge will be posted tomorrow. Can only imagine what that'll be! Tonight is "Happy Hour" on the board. It will be from 9 p.m. til 11 p.m. my time. My kids will be in bed by that time! Only because they have to leave the house at 6:55 a.m. in the morning!! My dh is working his detail at the airport, so that just leaves lit'l ol' me, by myself. Aw shucks! hee hee.
Well, this turned out to be a long entry!! Sorry. Hope your coffee didn't get cold. Get yourself a fresh cup! Think I'll do the same and while I'm at it, I'll get dinner started! Gonna make the "Salsa Chicken" again. It really is a great dish, full of flavor and low in fat!! Gotta love that! Made Lasagna in my crock yesterday. Definitely came out better this time!! DD even commented on it!
Okay, get that fresh cup of joe and I'll Blog ya later............

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kelliebean said...

Everything you said about the teacher makes a ton of sense, and yall definitely went about it the right way. As much as teachers dread visits from "educational specialists," sometimes they actually do have constructive, helpful things to offer. And, it sounds like dd's teacher knows he needs to change some things, too. Nice work, dd and Mom! :)

I love your projects. I still haven't done anything since the move. Hopefully soon...

My coffee was just fine, btw! :D